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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 210! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! We’re recording this on July 30th, 2015!  This week, William, Mark, and Clay are joined by Travis of Twitch streaming fame. The guys talk about the Commander Rotisserie Draft and then move in on giving out some helpful advice to newer players. First they talk about how to build decks and then the guys follow it up with a Commander Beginner’s Tool Kit.


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Commandercast Episode 210

July 30th, 2015




Travis – Team Mana Deprived Streamer


Favorite Commanders This Week:


Travis – Lazav, Dimir Mastermind


Mark – Rhys the Redeemed (‘The Other 99’ version – i.e., Centaur Glade is too cool not to play)


Clay – Sidisi, Brood Tyrant


William – Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund

Weekly Schedule


Monday – Commandercast Prime

Tuesday – Journey to Somewhere/Deckbuilder’s Spotlight

Wednesday – Strategy

Thursday – Free For All Articles/Rival’s Duel and The Stack, w/ Uncle Landdrops & Grandpa Growth

Friday – Technology


Dodo Bird videos the first of every month!


Community: #EDHROTO !


Loser’s Finals (William, Travis, Daniel, and Vash)

Winner’s Finals (Tom, Jason, Archie, and Adam)






How would we teach people who are new to Commander how to build their first deck?


Technology:  Beginner’s Staple Box!


William – Vandalblast, Ulvenwald Tracker


Clay –

  • Cheap mana rocks/color fixing – Signets, Cluestones, Banners, Commander’s Sphere/Darksteel Ingot/Chromatic Lantern
  • “Second Chance” cards – Life from the Loam, Eternal Witness, Regrowth, cards with Flashback or Dredge
  • Modal, Versatile spells – Commands, Charms, Entwine


Mark –




William – Email: wiehernandez(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)blueram1409


Mark – Email: captainredzone(at)gmail(dot)com  // twitter: (at)CaptainRedZone


Clay – Email: EDHPanda(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)EDHPanda // Stream Twitch, Tumblr, Twitter: (at)Pandalpaca


Travis – Email: // Twitter: (at)Semulin // Twitch




If you want to message Commandercast be sure to check out our Facebook page, manned by Calvin and Jud. You can also tweet us (at)Commandercast or email us at Commandercast(at)gmail(dot)com. You can leave us a review on iTunes, and we’ll read off any 5-Star reviews on air!


Thanks to everyone who contributes to our site, you’re all wonderful people. Music for our show is the X meets Heavy Metal series by 331erock. Check him out on Youtube. We’ll see you next week with more community, strategy, and technology. Until then, LET’S GET IT!


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