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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 249! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite,! We’re recording this on May 26th, 2016. This week William and Calvin talk about Eternal Masters. Then they go on to talk about PCP… no… not the drug….. ummm…MOVING on they talk about Group Hug.


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CommanderCast Episode 249

Posted: May 29th, 2016


Favorite Commanders:

William – Sigarda, Host of Herons


Calvin – Ashling, the Pilgrim








Community: Eternal Masters Spoilers


All the spoilers


Strategy: Power, Card Advantage, Presence


What really is the trifecta of a good deck?


Technology: Clay’s Hug


Let’s help Clay with some group hug!


Howling Mine effects


Teferi’s Puzzle Box


The Offer Cycle


Rainbow Vale




Mark’s Deckbuilder Spotlight





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5 Responses to “CommanderCast Ep 249 – Eternal Treasures”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    Trying to do my part to help with #WilliamLoses, but my schedule is terrible for assisting with that and jumping the gun for being there as he records the Alpha build videos.

    I do generally agree with the discussion about power and presence in commander games. And while I don’t feel that I, personally, am super spikey, I played enough 5-color and EDH games with folks who are that my evaluation of cards is often skewed to high value for the cost. Does it cost 5 mana? Ok, is it helping you win (or at least advance the game?) And this does impact on things. A super fun play like Maelstrom Nexus can be tough to land because of the commitment to cast it and the likelihood that it doesn’t survive long enough for you to use. Or that you have to skip casting it because you think you need to deal with a foe’s board.

    • Jeremy Parsons said

      As a further note on power and potency, you can get by with more derpy cards if you have at least some cards with potency or card draw to offset them. A bunch of derpy green cards, simple, utilitarian, becomes a chain of plays if you have a Birthing Pod and Green Sun’s Dawn. A bunch of humans become an engine for your deck with a Skullclamp, and a late game threat when matched with good pump effects like Gisella.

  2. Kinghonkey said

    Another fun card cycle to play in group hug decks are the Monger cards from Mercadian Masques. Everyone can get the opportunity to pump mana into them, Squallmonger or Warmonger can also work as pseudo-secret-finishers with enough mana and enough life.

    If I’m guilty of anything, I think I focus too much on presence in my cards, because that’s what I’m there to do…make a big splash, show the most powerful plays and (pardon the cliche’) go big or go home. Often I’ll have to go back and edit a deck to make sure I get the land, card draw and functionality.

    • ggodo said

      I had the Mongers in my skeleton for a Multiplayer Cube those cards are surprisingly powerful in multiplayer, and a lot of fun.

    • Jeremy Parsons said

      I had a 60 card Monger deck that anyone could play. Mongers, Oaths, subtle life gain, Saproling Cluster, Rainbow Vale. Always fun to see someone wipe one player’s board with the Warmonger, and so that player retaliates by pumping a little more mana in and so forth.

      Alas, my attempt to adapt it to EDH got hung up by me also wanting to play Mass Polymorph. The nature of the deck changed. Tugged between Knowledge Pool and Mass polymorph, before finally doubling down. It is my dedicated combo deck now.

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