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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 262! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite,! This week Mark and Adam talk Conspiracy: Take The Crown! They go over the Commanders, Planeswalkers, new cards, and reprints… but first they go over what it takes to be the king!


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CommanderCast Episode 262

Posted: September 26th, 2016








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DISCUSS: Old & New Conspiracy mechanics:


Draft – sorry, wrong format.  You’re looking for Limited.  It’s down the hall.


Conspiracies – “Conspiracies start the game in the command zone. From there, they affect the game [according to their printed abilities]. Conspiracies aren’t put into your deck, so they don’t count toward the… card minimum. You just put them into the command zone before the game begins.”


Da’ Monarch – “There are two significant bonuses to [being the monarch]: First, at the beginning of the monarch’s end step, that player draws a card. That’s a considerable advantage. Second, several cards in the set get better if you’re the monarch.”


Council’s Dilemma – It’s votin’ time! “First, starting with you, everyone votes. Players will know the votes of previous players before voting themselves. Then, you carry out the first effect, followed by the second effect. Once the council’s dilemma spell or ability starts resolving, no one has priority, so you can’t interrupt the vote or any of the resulting effects… [Y]ou can respond with spells and abilities before the council’s dilemma spell or ability starts resolving [, however].”


Goad – “…forces creatures to attack someone other than you… A goaded creature has to attack a player other than you if it can. And that means a player, not a planeswalker. The controller of a goaded creature still chooses who the creature attacks… If the creature can’t attack a player other than you, then it must attack you or a planeswalker if it can [;]… a goaded creature remains goaded until your next turn. So if another player gains control of it before then, it attacks under the same conditions if able.”


Melee – “…triggers whenever the creature with it attacks. It gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each opponent you attacked that combat.”


Strategy:  (The only strategy for spoilers is to buy singles instead of a box.  Strategy segment over.)




Shameless Theorycraft: Cards we’re excited for in Commander


New Commanders/Planeswalkers



Adam –


Mark –


Sweet Reprints:


Holy Schnikes!: Show and Tell, Berserk


Adam – Hallowed Burial, Burgeoning, Wild Pair


Mark – Juniper Order Ranger, Phyrexian Arena, Desertion,




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