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  • Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of CommanderCast! This week we kick the year off with our mandatory New Year episode. We make a bunch of resolutions that, let’s be honest, we most likely won’t be able to keep. Are you ready for that? Well here it is!


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CommanderCast Episode 268

Posted: Jan. 9, 2016











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We discuss our “fearless inventory”; our take on our weaknesses as Magic/Commander players, based on Sam Stoddard’s article, “Creating a Fearless Magical Inventory.”


Adam’s full Inventory



  • I tend to run shit out on my first main phase like a derp.
  • Try new archetypes.



  • Quit playing with so many staples (re: “Staple Remover”)
  • Drawing more cards, in every color combination.




How we’re going to enact on our New Year’s resolutions.



  • Update the “maybe list” for each deck, after each new set is released.
  • Spend more time analyzing mulligans.



  • Revisit all of my decks, especially blue, to free up space for newer creative ideas.
  • Draw more cards in other colors, ala Carrier Pigeons



  • Sit on my mana.
  • Play more paper Magic.




Adam – Golgari Charm, Demonic Tutor, Disallow


Jacob – Tamiyo’s Journal, Mesa Enchantress, Humble Defector


Mark – Insidious Will, Riku of Two Reflections, [card]Thing in the Ice[/card]




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