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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of CommanderCast! This week Mark and Adam are talking about cards from the new set AETHER REVOLT! They discuss the new legendary creatures, mechanics, and a few of the cards they feel will have the biggest impact on Commander!



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CommanderCast Episode 269

Posted: Jan. 16, 2017








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DISCUSS: Aether Revolt mechanics:



A static and triggered ability that triggers if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield during that turn.  If that condition is met, then some effect will happen.  



Energy is a resource that a player can gather and spend for costs that stays with the player until it is expended or removed.  This is a returning mechanic from Kaladesh.



Similar to convoke, improvise is a static ability on a card that can affect how you pay the costs for casting that spell.  During the casting, you may tap an untapped artifact you control to pay a generic mana of the casting cost.  Notably, this does not care about summoning sickness since the ability is tapping the artifacts.  Also note that this is not as powerful as convoke since you can not pay colored mana even if the artifact is a colored artifact.  



Vehicles are non creature artifacts that become creature with their indicated power and toughness when their crew cost is paid.  Crew is a static and an activated ability stated as Crew X.  When you crew a vehicle, you tap any number of creatures with a total combined power of X or greater and the vehicle becomes a creature until end of turn.  Note that the ability is why you are tapping the creature so the creature that crews the vehicle can do so with summoning sickness, but the vehicle will only be able to attack if you have controlled it since the beginning of your turn (is not summoning sick).  


Strategy:  (The only strategy for spoilers is to buy singles instead of a box.  Strategy segment over.)




Shameless Theorycraft: Cards we’re excited for in Commander

(Mythic Spoiler card list)


New Commanders/Planeswalkers




Adam –

Flavor Text



Mark –


Sweet Reprints:

Duplicant, Extraplanar Lens, Oblivion Stone, Staff of Domination, Vedalken Shackles, Platinum Angel





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