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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast! We’re your weekly source Community, Strategy, and Technology! This week Mark and Adam go back to one of the oldest Magic sets to do a retro-review! Prepare yourself for the first artifact based set, Antiquities! They do a quick discussion based on the lore of tje set and then they jump right into cards! If that sounds like something that tickles your fancy, Click the Ib!


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CommanderCast Episode 273 – Antiquities retro-review

Posted: Feb. 27, 2017








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11 Responses to “CommanderCast Ep 273 – Antiquities Retro Set Review”

  1. ggodo said

    The Brother’s War isn’t one that I’ve read, but I read Jeff Grubb’s Guild Wars novel, and it had basically all the problems you described.

    And I will say again, if there’s one Magic book you should read, it’s the original Ravnica book. It’s basically Magic’s Lethal Weapon 2 and it is amazing.

  2. Jeremy Parsons said

    I’d forgotten all of these cards came from Antiquities. Also, totally shame Mark, I love the art on many of the pieces, especially all the lands. And yes, so much of M:TG’s story came back around to the glimpses of the Brother’s War that was displayed in Antiquities first. Urza, Argoth, Titania, Yawgmoth, Phyrexia the plane of demonic artifice.

    I’d started playing at Revised, so an early splurge was on a bunch of Antiquities packs that were still available at the time. I don’t have a workshop, wish I had the snow version of Mishra’s Factory to round out my set of them. I wish I had a Tawno’s Coffin. And while I have a Candelabra (heavily played), I don’t have it in any EDH deck. Without the mana doublers, it just doesn’t have the panache to see play. Especially not in my Grixis control deck of moneyed cards.

    I would like to observe, that while not the most helpful thing in EDH, a Mishra’s Factory is naturally 2/2 on offense, but 3/3 on defense, since after blocking it can tap to pump itself.

    • Adam Traas said

      I always forget that line with Factory, but good to keep in mind. While you are correct that a 3/3 is not always the best in EDH, it can still be pretty good from time to time.

  3. Donny Whipple said

    For shame! Bucket-head Triskelion is the only Triskelion!

    • Adam Traas said

      Thank you! LOL

    • Mark Mahler said

      I have never been as simultaneously awestruck and dismayed as I have been reading this outpouring of love for the three-armed steam man version of Triskelion.

      As my dear old D.I. was fond of saying, “y’all are smoking crack.”

      • Kinghonkey said

        I’m going to go out on a limb and say I don’t like either artwork for Triskelion, even though Christopher Moeller (who did the work for the Mirrodin version) is probably one of my top five Magic artists.

        Walking Ballista is just better over all, even as just a concept of a mechanical creature that shoots things. It’s less evocative and more literal. I understand the nostalgia factor for ol’ timey Smokestack Mazinger Z, but if either artists had somehow channeled the actual image of the triskelion symbol (at least Moeller’s has curves) I think it would have been more interesting.

  4. Eshed said

    Rocket Launcher isn’t the only “gun” in Magic. Portal 2nd Age has Alaborn Cavalier, Alaborn Musketeer, and Alaborn Zealot. Also my personal favorite, Vengeance.

  5. Kinghonkey said

    I really regret selling my Candelabras to pay bills. They were one of those cards I had seen since my first times playing Magic and I bought them about 5 years ago for a paltry $25 each, and then sold them when they were about $150 each.

    More fun trivia. Atog is an anagram of goat, because they have the reputation of eating anything.

    And if you look closely at the artwork for Clockwork Avian, it’s bitten off someone’s hand.

    And there’s Onulet which was reprinted (in spirit) as Anodet Lurker (anagram of “dark onulet”) and Enatu Golem (“mega-onulet”)

    Yeah, so there’s a bunch of useless information nobody cares about.

  6. Kinghonkey said

    Also, Assembly Worker and Urza’s Factory in Time Spiral dealt with assembly workers…which is a thing…a shitty, nearly irrelevant thing, but a thing nonetheless.

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