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 Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 287! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are going over the all the havoc that has come up in the last few days! New changes to WotC Set releases, spoilers for the next set, and leaks for the future set. After that they go in a quick discussion based on Azorius! Trust me this is one packed episode… and all you have to do is click the IB!!!


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CommanderCast Episode 287

Posted: June 19, 2017








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  • Hour of devastation leaks and previews
    • Mechanics
      • Afflict #
      • Eternalize
      • Exert
      • Cycling
      • Deserts matter
      • Aftermath
    • Official Spoilers
      • Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver
      • Ramunap Excavator
      • The Scorpion God
      • Hour of Revelation
      • Nissa, Genesis Mage
    • Invocations
      • Desolation angel
      • Blood moon
      • Damnation
  • Ixalan Leaks – Pirates & Dinosaurs.  The Internet Wins!
    • Mechanics
      • Tough
      • Raid
      • Treasure
    • Cards
      • Vanisher’s Banner
      • Captain Lannery Storm
      • Arcane Adaptation
      • Check lands
      • Ashes of the abhorrent
      • Goring Ceratops
      • Hostage taker
      • Vraska’s Contempt
      • Tiehana, Voice of Thunder
      • Admiral Beckett Brass
      • Gishark, Sun’s Avatar
      • Star of extinction
      • Waker of the wilds
      • Scuttle the wreckage
      • Kopala, Warden of Waves
      • Sunbird’s invocation
      • Aegriah’s Marauders
      • Tocaf’s Honor Guard
      • Mynea Frian, Dark Apostle
      • Revel in Riches
      • Grave Fact
      • Kimalla’s Sunwing




Glorious Azorius!  The best things to do in UW.


Commanders and strats





Favorite Azorius Tech 


Adam – Azorius Charm, Cloudblazer (or a cloud blazer), Detention Sphere, Reflector Mage


Mark – Reparations, Mirrorweave, Sovereigns of Lost Alara





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4 Responses to “CommanderCast Ep 287 – Glorious Azorius!”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    So here’s a different thing on spoilers. That hostage taker sounds like it might have a place in Dragonlord Silumgar. Oh wait, the card isn’t available in any context until December. All kinds of feelbads there.

    This does lead into a potential topic on deck building though. The way I’d build a deck around one block is distinctly different than if I built that deck at the time of another block. My pet cards, my synergies change up a bit. So without majorly redoing the deck, when a new block rolls around I might only have 2-3 card slots at best and only if a new card improves an existing card substantially, or if a new card does something totally new that my deck still wants. MMm, What’s a good way to discuss this. When is my deck finished? When should I shake things up? When is it better to make a new deck instead of reworking the existing one?

    I don’t know about Azorius tech, but I have to agree. Ephara is downright amazing. And the decks that can abuse her, can really abuse her. For instance, with Ephara as the general they can try and tutor up Saltskitter to get a white Norin the Wary to trigger her on every turn easily.

    • Mark Mahler said

      Great idea for a show topic, Jeremy. I’m run it by Adam and see if we can tackle that one this week. I’ve been in the middle of rebuilding a bunch of my decks lately, so this is definitely something that’s been on my mind.

      To use the new hotness or stick with the ol’ standbys? That is the perennial Commander question.

  2. Jeremy Parsons said

    I do see Daxos decks, but often as a Voltron commander. Get him out, get some life, be super hard to block in the colors to defend the status quo. Sadly, the decks I wanted to see didn’t show up until people started playing Gonti. I do not ever see a good and proper Daxos ramp and cast your stuff deck.

    I do like the Un sets, don’t play them, but have complete collections so far, might need to splurge and either go a box or go singles to just get a full set. I really do want to slip some cards into an EDH deck one day. For instance, Water Gun Balloon Game, or Look at Me, I’m the DCI!

    • ggodo said

      As a guy whoe rode to victory on the backs of Daxos, Thassa, and Prophet of Kruphix at the Theros PreRelease, Daxos Voltron was my first thought when I saw him. Just card draw and pants, never mind the ramp too much because with the card draw you’ll be making land drops every turn.

      Dude’s really good in Sealed, BTW.

      Also, Old Isperia as the aggro commander? Supreme Judge is a 6 power flier! Throw her down and beat some faces and laugh as your victims sad attempts to retaliate fule their demise!

      I might be biased because my wife’s Isperia deck is New Isperia and that is her game plan.

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