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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 293! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! Due to some extensive technical difficulties, we were unable to bring you this episode of CommanderCast last week. But we’re up and running again! So this week Mark and Adam are back and they kick things off with a long discussion on the Commander Precons and how they affect the format. They then move on to therapy when it’s time to talk about pet cards before they flip out on one of Magic’s most unpopular set!

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CommanderCast Episode 293

Posted: August 14, 2017








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  • WOTC control of Commander
    • Cards being designed in Commander sets for us
      • Opposite problem: True-Name Nemesis, Scavenging Ooze
    • Cards being designed for us in regular sets
    • Worth Listen’: Commanderin’ Ep 102 with Ian Duke where he talks about designing Neheb, the Eternal.
    • Reprints
    • Moving forward
      • Banned and restricted control
        • Already divergent in MTGO




Backup segment:

How do your “pet cards” affect your deck construction and game plan?



  • Define “Pet Card” (=Not Staples!)


    • Less than rational reason for sticking around in a deck.
    • Keep popping up in multiple decks
    • Personally valuable, played over other (probably objectively better) cards



  • Personal Examples


    • Adam
      • Exile
      • Kudzu
      • Totems
      • Cluestones
      • Serrated arrows
    • Mark
      • Hell’s Caretaker
      • Black Market
      • Evacuation
      • Moriok Replica
      • Stinkweed Imp
      • Stations!



  • How does it affect your deck construction?


    • “Sprinkle method” – follow your game plan, but add pet cards to taste




“Rules Lawyer” – Flip cards


  1. Flip Cards
  • 709.1. Flip cards have a two-part card frame on a single card. The text that appears right side up on the card defines the card’s normal characteristics. Additional alternative characteristics appear upside down on the card. The back of a flip card is the normal Magic card back.
    • 709.1a The top half of a flip card contains the card’s normal name, text box, type line, power, and toughness. The text box usually contains an ability that causes the permanent to “flip” if certain conditions are met.
    • 709.1b The bottom half of a flip card contains an alternative name, text box, type line, power, and toughness. These characteristics are used only if the permanent is on the battlefield and only if the permanent is flipped.
    • 709.1c A flip card’s color and mana cost don’t change if the permanent is flipped. Also, any changes to it by external effects will still apply.
  • 709.2. In every zone other than the battlefield, and also on the battlefield before the permanent flips, a flip card has only the normal characteristics of the card. Once a permanent is flipped, its normal name, text box, type line, power, and toughness don’t apply and the alternative versions of those characteristics apply instead.
  • 709.3. You must ensure that it’s clear at all times whether a permanent you control is flipped or not, both when it’s untapped and when it’s tapped. Common methods for distinguishing between flipped and unflipped permanents include using coins or dice to mark flipped objects.
  • 709.4. Flipping a permanent is a one-way process. Once a permanent is flipped, it’s impossible for it to become unflipped. However, if a flipped permanent leaves the battlefield, it retains no memory of its status. See rule 110.6.
  • 709.5. If an effect instructs a player to choose a card name and the player wants to choose a flip card’s alternative name, the player may do so.


Kamigawa Flip Commanders – Worth playing? How to consistently flip them?


Kamigawa Flip Generals (“Ascendant” = legit):



Kamigawa “If You’re Playgroup Lets You Get Away With It” semi-legit Generals:




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