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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 301! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are going over flanking. So watch your left, your right, and hell check your rear as they come for you!

So if you’re down with that all you have to do is click the IB!!!


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CommanderCast Episode 301

Posted: Monday, Nov. 20, 2017








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702.24a Flanking is a triggered ability that triggers during the declare blockers step. (See rule 509, “Declare Blockers Step.”) “Flanking” means “Whenever this creature becomes blocked by a creature without flanking, the blocking creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.”

702.24b If a creature has multiple instances of flanking, each triggers separately.








Control blocking




Direct damage/control






Adam – Wheel of fortune, Soul of theros, Return to the ranks


Mark – Grappling Hook, Seize the Day, Rite of Passage




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And a big thanks to everyone here at the CommanderCast Network. We’ll see you next week with more community, strategy, and technology. Until then, LET’S GET IT!

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