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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 319! This week, the celebration of Magic reaching 25 years of age continues with Mark and Adam going over some of the cards they enjoy from Coldsnap to Future Sight.


So pull up your rocking chairs and click the IB!!!



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CommanderCast Episode 319

Posted: May 21








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“The Spirit of the Format” – in different formats  (‘cuz it’s “shifted” week! Get it?)

We heart…




25 years of M:tG strategy:


Favorite “futureshifted” mechanics/keywords/weird shit we wish would return to Magic



*Precedent!: Delve originated in Time Spiral block and returned in Khans block.



Weird shit:

*Precedent!: new Magus cards still pop up in sets, from time to time; also Contraptions.





Two favorite cards from each set:




Time Spiral


Planar Chaos


Future Sight




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And a big thanks to everyone here at the CommanderCast Network. We’ll see you next week with more community, strategy, and technology. Until then, LET’S GET IT!

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