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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 331! This week, Mark and Adam are back and ready for so good old fashion Commander talk! The guys finish going over some of the new cards from this years Commander Percons that they didn’t get to finish with last week, then they move on to why your mana curve is too damn high!… Then they finish up with a Break My Card segment you are going to want to hear!


So pull up your rocking chairs and click the IB!!!

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CommanderCast Episode 331

Posted: August 22








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Scryfall acquires; CommanderCast weeps.


C18 full deck lists spoiled


New cards we’re excited for:


Solid reprints:






Why a lower mana curve is important and why the mana curve of your deck is probably too high (this originally autocorrected to “man’s curve,” by the way, and doubtless would have resulted in a much different segment).



  • Draw, ramp, and removal should cost 3 or less.
  • Make cuts from the top of the curve first (and pair down redundancy here, too).




Return of an old segment: “Break My Card”


Cards that seem like they might have “Johnny potential,” but need a little help to work.





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