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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 340! This week Mark and Adam are talking about Honor! To be a little more clear, they are talking about honor in group games. Have you ever called a treaty, a temporary truce, only to have it broken? Well, we got your back as they  go over how they deal with the art of the deal. But first lets talk about one of the products coming out from WotC, the new 5 deck Game Night product.

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CommanderCast Episode 340

Posted: December 10, 2018








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Steve’s topic: Playing with honor

  • What does it mean to play Commander “with honor”?
  • How do you make or break deals in a game while still playing with integrity?
  • How important is keeping your word when engaging in politics?
  • Do you simply refuse to ever negotiate or engage in deal-making?
  • Does the concept of playing “with honor” apply in any way when there is something on the line (e.g. tournament, league and competitive play).




  • Are there ways to set up deals that appear to be fair but in fact are only to your benefit?
  • How carefully do you adhere to the spirit of an agreement versus following the negotiated deal as loosely as possible?
  • Does “playing with honor” extend to your choice of decks or even the choice of cards you include in your decks?
  • Can angle-shooting or rules-lawyering in casual play be dishonorable? (Ex: Mesmeric Fiend shenanigans:
    • Ruling: If Mesmeric Fiend leaves the battlefield before its first ability has resolved, its second ability will trigger and do nothing. Then its first ability will resolve and exile a nonland card from the target opponent’s hand indefinitely.
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