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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 341! This week Mark and Adam are talking about the Grave! Have you noticed a sudden… Rise in graveyard decks recently? Maybe you haven’t, maybe you have, but here at CommanderCast… Mark and Adam are here to help you put those decks on notice… Unless you just so happen to be one of those players in which case you may want to stick around too so you can get yourself ready for the on coming storm of hate cards coming to you soon.

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CommanderCast Episode 341

Posted: December 17, 2018








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Is the popularity of graveyard-based decks on the rise?



  • Muldrotha
  • UMA = Graveyard Masters



  • Recent bias toward GY decks based on Surveil, etc. in recent sets
  • Majority of the most popular commanders aren’t graveyard-themed




How important should recursion be to your strategy in a deck that’s not explicitly graveyard-based?




Retro cycle review: Beacons from Fifth Dawn vs. Zeniths from Mirrodin Besieged


Beacon of Immortality vs. White Sun’s Zenith

Beacon of Tomorrows vs. Blue Sun’s Zenith

Beacon of Unrest vs. Black Sun’s Zenith

Beacon of Destruction vs. Red Sun’s Zenith

Beacon of Creation vs. Green Sun’s Zenith





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