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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 348! This week Mark and Adam have a little bit of a mixed bag for you. Let’s start off with a quick discussion on some Banned cards and where the guys feel some of them sit. Should they be playable or do they earn the spot they have? After that, the guys go over a few of the cards that break the singleton part of our format by having a little bit of extra text on them that allows them to have no limits and a few deck that might help take advantage of that. Then we wrap things up with a few cards you might want to pick up soon because the prices for them are kinda low.

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CommanderCast Episode 348

Posted: February 18, 2019








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Playing Banned Cards

(Listener topic from Stephen; check out his articles on CoolStuffInc.)


  • Have you ever played against a deck that played a banned card? Most EDH players have at some point in time. How did it turn out? Was it an better or worse game because of the banned card?
  • For each card on the banlist (or just a sampling from the list), how would you build a deck to fully abuse the card? On the flipside, how would you play the card “responsibly” and do you think the card might be able to be unbanned without negatively affecting the format?
  • Are there worse cards than the card in question? If you had to ban one additional card from each color, what cards would you choose and why?
  • Do you play banned cards, and if not – why not? If the RC encourages us to house-rule additions or subtractions from the official ban list, is there any point in even having an official ban list?






Petitioners-specific tech


Apostles/Petitioners/Rats tech:



Best cards worth picking up that have recently gone down in price.


*See Also: MTG Stocks “Cheap Pickups” section at the end of their “Weekly Winners” posts.







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