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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 367! This week Mark and Adam are join by a returning guest to the show: Phil. Today the guys are going over a type of play style that doesn’t get the kind of attention it deserves. A way to play Black in Magic that is often overlooked is attacking the deck itself. No, we’re not talking about milling your opponent, but actual cards designed to remove cards directly from your opponent’s deck. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well, today you’re going to learn all about it. But first, we wouldn’t be a Commander-based podcast if we didn’t take a moment at talk about the recent banned list update and the changes made to it.

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CommanderCast Episode 367

Posted: July 15, 2019










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Limiting your opponent’s options by removing problem cards from their decks (Or: Hating on libraries for fun and profit).


The controversy:  Is it worth the deck slot(s) to prevent your opponents from having access to   key cards in their library?


  • They may never draw the card – it’s a version of Schrodinger’s Cat

  • They may have already  drawn what you want to exile (it happens more than you think)

  • You are using one or more card slots on an effect that does not advance your boardstate and does not directly hinder your opponents’ board

  • These effects usually don’t win you the game but are ideally used to prevent your opponent from winning

  • Combo players by definition hate these cards because it keeps them honest


Phil’s Circular Library Hate Posit: Higher prevalence of tutors in your meta = more of a need for library hate


  • Generally the more tutors you run, the less of these cards you want in your deck for the sake of consistency.  To the point you can get away with one to two as a silver early-game bullets; freeing up card slots; especially when Praetor’s Grasp pulls double duty.

  • The more tutoring you do in a deck correlates to higher power level deck naturally and throttling tutor density is a popular knob to turn to tune decks up or down (hello 75% theory).

  • The social contract demands that powerful decks only play other powerful decks.

  • Therefore, Your opponents playing more powerful stuff only reinforces the need to have the effect in your deck because you have more and better targets you will want to proactively address.




All the library hate, all in one place.


Color Theory:  A rarely tasted portion of the color pie


  • Black – a clear #1 (in Phil’s opinion)
  • Colorless sources – a distant second
  • Blue cards are #3
  • UB “Leverage” creatures
  • Almost everything else is just shitty multicolored spells
  • Sorry White, Red, (no surprise there) and Green


What you came here for: The sweet, sweet TECH!


Pure Library Hate








UB Leveraging their deck against them (all UB):


Other Multicolored (for completeness sake):

Honorable Mentions:




GUEST: Phil – in the comments, as Beltfed Weapon


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