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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 386! This week Mark and Adam are planning an enchanting episode as they revisit the Enchantress archetype! with a few new cards from the latest enchantment based cards from Theros Beyond Death, the guys feel it’s about time to see what new toys there are to play with for this old school deck

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CommanderCast Episode 386

Posted: January 20, 2020








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Our favorite cards from Theros Beyond Death



Interstitial fodder:


  • Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts documentary
  • Rewatchables podcast; Tombstone is still an excellent bad movie
  • Sweet tamarind is ugly & delicious




Things to do with Enchantments besides drawing cards


Enchantments as:


  • Removal




  • Ramp




  • Pump





Our favorite enchantments that do more than just draw cards




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