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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 406! This week Mark and Adam go on a cleaning spree! Get ready to have that board wiped as the guy go over some of the best was to reset the board! But first, the guys go over WotC having a falling out with a long time Artist…Terese Nielsen.

All that, plus our usual interstitial fodder, and all you have to do is Click the IB!!!


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CommanderCast Episode 406

Posted: July 13, 2020








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From Hipsters of the Coast: “Wizards Ends Their Relationship with Terese Nielsen”


Interstitial fodder: 

  • Movies
    • Requiem for a Dream: still incredibly depressing, in case you were wondering.
    • Morning Glory: looks great on paper, very “meh” in execution
  • Adam hates Tom Clancy (just the books and movies, not the person, supposedly)
  • FF7 finally finished
  • Number sets (complex numbers)



How many board wipes should you run in a deck?


*Worth reading: “The Other 99: Board Wipes

From that article:

  • Hyper aggro & Voltron decks: 2–3
  • Regular decks: 3–4
  • Creature-light control decks: 5–7



The spectrum of one-sided board wipes


Top of the Pops:




Not worth playing:




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