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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 409! This week Mark and Adam are trying to figure out what, if any, Cycle Lands are worth running. But first, Gavin Verhey recently started talking about the future of Commander and the guys have some interesting things to say about it! Then we wrap up the show with a look at some of the best/overlooked cards from Amonkhet!

All that, plus our usual interstitial fodder, and all you have to do is Click the IB!!!


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CommanderCast Episode 409

Posted: August 17, 2020








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Interstitial fodder: 

  • All New X-Men: worth reading
  • The Sandman audio adaptation might be awesome, but I haven’t had time to listen to it
    • Special shoutout: the old NPR Star Wars radio dramas are masterpieces.
  • The Official CommanderCast Guide to Shakespeare.
  • At-home cover songs & Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album
  • Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans




To run, or not to run, Cycling lands (and if so, how many?)


Worth running in most decks:


Niche, but playable:


Not worth it:




Old Tech segment: Amonkhet, revisited


Best/overlooked cards from this set?






*EDHREC’s rankings of Amonkhet cards




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