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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 415! This week Mark and Adam are back and let’s cut to it they are going to be talking about the recent announcement from WotC about a new IP crossover with the Walking Dead franchise and how they feel about it. If you have heard about it or have been out of the MTG loop for about a week you’re going to learn enough about it today. After they talk about… that gem… the guys move on to the new double face land/spell cards and how they change the way you look at the number of lands you include in your decks. Then they were things up with a quick discussion about if there are now enough Kicker cards to make a certain card viable in our format.

All that, plus our usual interstitial fodder, and all you have to do is Click the IB!!!


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CommanderCast Episode 415

Posted: October 5, 2020








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Walking Dead crossover? Yeah, no thanks.


Hold our beers while Adam & Mark get some hate off their chests about Secret Lair X Walking Dead.


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**Also worth considering: Walking Dead cards suck, but Hasbro owns a stupid amount of IP. Tell me you wouldn’t buy a set of Wu-Tang Clan planeswalkers.


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  • Italian restaurants
  • Star Wars: Squadrons




How do the new ZR Spell Lands affect your land count?


  • Is “Modern Landless Belcher” viable in EDH? (Probably not.)
  • Which ones are worth running?
  • How does this affect your land count (if it does at all)?




Are there enough UG Kicker cards to save Verazol, the Split Current?





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