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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 424! This week Mark and Adam continue going over spoilers from Magic’s latest set, Kaldheim! With the new set comes new mechanics! This week the guys are talking about Foretell, the return of the Saga enchantments, and a few of the newly spoiled cards from the set!


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CommanderCast Episode 424

Posted: January 18, 2021








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More Kaldheim spoilerz!!


Interstitial fodder: 

  • SaGa games don’t get enough love.
  • Mark gets grumpy about conjugation
  • How often/how many times will you re-read a good book, re-watch a good movie, etc.?
  • Mutant Massacre




Kaldheim mechanics: Foretell


From the mothership article “Kaldheim Mechanics”:


“Any time during your turn, you can pay {2} and exile a card with foretell face down. Then, on a future turn, you can cast that card from exile by paying the foretell cost (the mana cost listed as part of the foretell keyword) rather than paying its mana cost…


…There are some important things to remember about casting the spell from exile. First, you can’t cast it on the same turn you exile it. However, foretelling is optional, so you can always just cast the spell as normal if you’re looking for a more immediate impact. Second, casting the spell from exile uses all the same timing rules the spell normally has. If you foretell an instant like Behold the Multiverse, you can cast it as soon as the next turn. If you foretell a creature like Augury Raven, you’ll usually have to wait until your next turn to cast it.”




  • You can’t cast a foretold card on the same turn you exile it.
  • Casting the spell from exile uses all the same timing rules the spell normally has.
  • In exile, you must keep your foretold cards clear. Your opponents won’t know what the cards are, but they’ll know which card you foretold first, second, and so forth.
  • At the end of the game, if you still have any foretold cards in exile, reveal them to all players so they know the future you foretold was an honest one.


Foretell cards (so far – as of recording 1/10/21):



**Super secret Eldrazi Processor Tech! (not really): CardGameDatabase’s “MTG Foretell – Rules and Interactions Explained




Saga of the Sagas



Honorable Mentions (for removing those pesky counters): 




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