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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 441! This week Mark and Adam are down to get some gains! Listen, your 40 point life total is puny and skeptical at best. Any who plays this format can take that chump change total to 0 without really a second thought. Would you like more? Doing you deserve more? Well today the guys are going to teach you how to go from that weakling who gets stuff to a life gaining god! But, first a quick look at a topic we recently came across from the guys over at the YouTube channel, Nitpicking Nerds. Is attacking a valid win condition anymore? Today we throw our hats into the ring and drop our options on the subject.


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CommanderCast Episode 441

Posted: May 17, 2021








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Our hot takes on the Nitpicking Nerds’ “Commander Metagame Breakdown (And Why attacking isn’t everything in EDH)

  • Winning through combat isn’t as prevalent as most people think it is.
  • Most of the top deck archetypes on EDHREC don’t care about attacking
  • Ghostly Prison /pillowfort strategies in general aren’t proactive enough (and hence not really worth running)
  • Try swapping a Ghostly Prison effect for a board wipe and see if you notice the difference 


Interstitial fodder: 

  • Predators is a movie. The Predator (2018) is a truly terrible movie.
  • Black Science
  • Pour one out on the curb for Giant Bomb
  • The Sandman is just the best.



Lifegain: amount of life gained vs. amount of Lifegain triggers






Lifegain adjacent Tech





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