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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 446! This week Mark and Adam are going to help you understand that No means No by going over some of the best cards that t tell your opponents not today, not anymore. Some times people take advantage of you and today you get to be the one who puts your foot down and say no one is casting a spell until it’s their turn, no one is playing a creature without doing it the proper way of tapping down mana and hard casting it. But first, WotC have announced the Realms Beyond and we want to to our two cents in before our old age makes us forget. Then we wrap things up with a quick look at some of the cards from Modern Horizons 2 that we feel will slide under the radar and make a splash in Commander.


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CommanderCast Episode 446

Posted: June 21, 2021








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Universes Beyond! will make the nerds very angry, but are we grumpy about them?


From the mothership: 

“Earlier today, we revealed an exciting expansion of Magic: The Gathering into the realms of Universes Beyond—a series that combines the gameplay of Magic: The Gathering with worlds, characters, and stories that are cherished by millions of fans around the world.

Among those worlds are the expansive universes of Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings, with others set to join as our Universes Beyond expands.

This expansion of the Magic game system to other universes is exciting and new, and certainly raises questions for many of our longstanding fans, so today we’re going to answer many of those questions as we look toward the Universes Beyond release in 2022 and further.

Universes Beyond will act as a brand within Magic: The Gathering—existing in addition to and alongside our existing line of products.

Universes Beyond came about thanks to a simple thought—if we can expand our story beyond the game system to things like comics, novels, and other games, then surely we can expand the game system to let players explore worlds outside of the worlds of Magic.

We are all fans of these other universes. Many of us imagined what it might be like to play a game of Magic with Gandalf the Grey, sketched out how we might translate the One Ring to Magic, or wanted to build a deck around the mighty Space Marines. In many ways, Universes Beyond is us living out those dreams of our own.

But we also hope that Universes Beyond will bring the game we love to more people who might not have otherwise found us. We hope fans of these worlds and characters will find our game through Universes Beyond—and we hope they’ll stay a while and become part of our amazing community.”


Interstitial fodder: 

  • Sable (demo) is Breath of the Wild meets Moebius with a hoverbike
  • Hades
  • Secret lairs!!
  • Our thoughts on Loki episode 2




Cards that say “no” (Cursed Totem, Void Mirror, etc.)


“Can’t activate” effects


“Can’t cast” effects




MH2 Niche cards that might see play




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