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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 447! As Americans we are by law allowed at least one day a year to make something exploded. That day is Independence Day here in the U.S.A. and it usually includes being drunk and eating overcooked meats while performing the previously mentioned action of intentional explosions. So this week, to celebrate, Mark and Adam are… talking about being in the deepest, darkest parts of the new Dungeons from the D&D Realms Beyond set. So we’re talking about the new Dungeon mechanic. Also, is the most dangerous card in Magic no longer Island? With the way Green has been push lately it’s starting to look like the Forest has come to take the seat that the Island has held for most of Magic’s history. Then we wrap things up with one final look at a few personal favorite cards from Modern Horizons 2.


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CommanderCast Episode 447

Posted: July 5, 2021








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Venture into the Dungeon” mechanic in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms


“Dungeons don’t go in your deck. Rather, they start outside the game and end up in the command zone for a while…Dungeons don’t take up sideboard slots. You always have access to all three dungeons, and you’ll never need more than one of the same one. 

…The way to bring dungeons into the game is a new keyword action: venture into the dungeon. Several traditional Magic cards (the ones that do go in your deck) will instruct you to venture into the dungeon. This could be the effect of a spell, an activated ability, or a triggered ability.

…If you venture into the dungeon while you don’t have any dungeons in the command zone, meaning you’re not in a dungeon, it’s time to start your journey! Put the dungeon of your choice into the command zone and put a venture marker on the first room, at the top. Your venture marker is a way for you to track which room you’re in, just like a mini tells you where you are on a D&D map. Each player has their own dungeon all to themselves. There are no cards (as of this set; the future is long) that allow other players to interfere with your dungeon or your venture marker.

Every time you enter a room, including the first room, its room ability triggers. These abilities all read “When you enter this room, [the effect printed in the room].” For example, when you enter the Yawning Portal, you gain 1 life. Note that while all the rooms have individual names, those names are for flavor and don’t affect gameplay.

Now that you’re in a dungeon, the next time you venture into the dungeon, you’ll move to the next room. You can’t start a new dungeon until you complete the one you’re in. When moving to the next room, follow the arrows down the card.

For example, from the Dungeon Level, you can choose to move to the Goblin Bazaar or the Twisted Caverns, but not both. You can never move backwards (up the card) in a dungeon. Backwards is a direction for cowards…

If you survive long enough, you’ll reach the final room. After that room ability resolves or otherwise leaves the stack, the dungeon is removed from the game. Removing it from the game results in you completing the dungeon…

Completing dungeons has two significant benefits. First, there are cards that care about this. Here’s Gloom Stalker…. Note that Gloom Stalker doesn’t have to be under your control as you complete the dungeon. It just shows up, takes one look at you, knows that you’ve completed a dungeon, and gives itself double strike. 

Second, now that you’re not in a dungeon, you’re free to start a new one! The next time you venture into the dungeon, you can choose the very same dungeon you were just in or you can head into a new one.”

Interstitial fodder: 

  • Children of Morta is like Hades meets Family Ties
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  • Adam’s playing DnD
  • Italian Panna vs cream




Does Green have better card draw than Blue? (Probably yes.)


TL;DR: Green rewards you for advancing your game plan rather than just drawing cards for the sake of drawing cards.



Downsides to green: 

  • Has to be creature based (yes, except for Harmonize)



  • Cantrips
  • Draw efficiency/Unconditional card draw
  • Has more cards that care about how many cards you drew & your hand size.
  • Looting
  • Scry
  • Wheels


Follow-up question: is the most powerful card in Magic now a Forest instead of an Island?




Personal faves from MH2




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