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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 449! This week Mark and Adam ask the question… is it possible to actually have too many Legendary creatures in Commander? Commander is a format based on having Legendary creatures (and a few exceptions) that are used to represent the flavor, creativity, and style of deck you. Is it possible the WotC are currently over printing the amount of cards that can be used as a Commander? Has the company that says limitations breed creativity lost control of the limits of the different cards they release or is variety really the spice of life? Then, with the latest spoilers from the most recent set, Adventures into the Forgotten Realms, we get to look at what may be the two most interesting Commanders the set has to offer. Finally, we get to go deep into the newest style of modal spells from AFR with the Flavor Words mechanic. These are the flavor based modal spells with the Italicized words before the effects on the card which are designed to give you a bit of a flavor/story as to what is happening when you choose you adventure. So how does this new way of story telling stack up? Let’s find out!


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CommanderCast Episode 449

Posted: July 19, 2021








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Do we get too many legendary creatures these days?


# of Legendary creatures per year 

(Scryfall search syntax: “type:legendary type:creature year:XXXX not:reprint”)



2021 (*as of this recording): 131 

2020: 191 (*Commander Legends)

2019: 79

2018: 95

2017: 54

2016: 54

2015: 45

2014: 34

2013: 38

2012: 22

2011: 28

2010: 15

2009: 14

2008: 16

2007: 29

2006: 36

2005: 70 (*Ravnica & Kamigawa; includes flip cards – 60 legends without flip cards)

2004: 62 (*Start of Kamigawa block; includes flip cards – 52 legends without flip cards)

2003: 8

2002: 16

2001: 13

2000: 23

1999: 37 (*Portal Three Kingdoms)

1998: 8

1997: 9

1996: 15

1995: 18

1994: 55 (*Legends)


*Worth reading: “Preserving The Coolness Of Legends,” by Aaron Forsythe


Interstitial fodder: 

  • We Are Lady Parts is a pretty rad show (too bad it’s stuck on Peacock…)
  • Connections is still an amazing ride through science and history. Highest recommendation!
  • Animal Man
  • YouTube reviewers/reactors disappoint Adam




The last two commanders from AFR are also probably the most interesting(?)



Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander commanders (only two full lists so far; “Aura of Courage” & “Planar Portal” decks)





New modal spells from AFR


Truly the most love that second person point of view has gotten since the Choose Your Own Adventure books went the way of the dinosaur. 





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