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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 450! This week Mark and Adam are about trying to gain all kinds of new skills with Level Up. The new Forgotten Realms Class cards have the guys feeling nostalgic as the cards take a huge amount of inspiration for an older mechanic, where a creature could become better and more powerful over time as long as you could take the time to invest in them. But first, There’s been some interesting things coming out of the Commander Rules Committee. The Committee have some rule changes, clarified, and a banned announcement to help bring some much needed understanding that the latest set brings. Then the guys wrap things up with a quick look at the new Planeswalkers from Forgotten Realms. Can these new D&D flavored ‘Walkers hold their own at the Commander tables? Let’s find out!


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CommanderCast Episode 450

Posted: July 26, 2021








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RC July 2021 Update


  • Appointments to the Commander Advisory Group (CAG): Kristen Gregory and Elizabeth Rice.
  • Slight modification to Rule 11 to clarify dungeon legality.
    • “Parts of abilities which bring other traditional card(s) you own from outside the game into the game (such as Living Wish; Spawnsire of Ulamog; Karn, the Great Creator) do not function in Commander.”
  • Hullbreacher banned!! (but Notion Thief and Narset, Parter of Veils slip by unscathed)


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Level Up mechanic


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A deep dive into the Planeswalkers in AFR




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