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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 455! While we maybe a little late to the party due to uncontrollable circumstances we’re coming to you a little earlier than usual. This week Mark and Adam just want it to stop. WotC did a Magic Showcase for all of the upcoming projects for next year. We have a return to some familiar planes, demons doing their best Godfather/Good Fellas impersonations, people fighting in the streets, and Magic cards flossing? So as the old farts we are we have to at least try to see if we can make any sense of this while giving our own take on the  future of the game. We follow this up with a look at side hand effects and if they’re worth being ran in your next game. Plus we take a moment to go over some of the most expensive cards to be release exclusively in Commander product over the years and try to determine if they warrant the price tag they have or are they just flashes in the pan that only got to be so costly by being so rare to get a hold of in today’s market.

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CommanderCast Episode 455

Posted: September 6, 2021








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**UPDATE: Commander Sealed 2021 is SOLD OUT!**



Mark and Adam discuss Magic Showcase 2021 and our souls die a little bit more.


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  • Pathfinder: (a.k.a. “Protestant DnD”) Kingmaker is the closest I will ever get to playing actual DnD.
  • New Spider-Man trailer
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not “Rise of the Midnight Sons”
  • Bulgar vs. Cracked wheat: the topic on everyone’s lips and minds




Are “side hand” effects ever worth running in EDH?



Honorable Mention: 




Are the most expensive cards from old Commander sets actually worth the cost?

(Search criteria: C19 and older; cost $10 and up)


Specific Commanders


Known quantities:


Corner-case, niche stuff:






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