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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 456! This week Mark and Adam slays to the night as we head into the latest set from WotC, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! First, the guys have a ton of spoilers to go over from the new set and then Adam tries to give a quick run down to Mark on how the Day/Night mechanic works. Follow that up with a quick look at Werewolves as a tribe and you got yourself an episode of Commandercast all wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

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CommanderCast Episode 456

Posted: September 13, 2021








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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt spoilerz!!


Interstitial fodder: 

  • What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
  • Secret Lair dropz!
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (*actually 14th century poetry, not 5th.  I’m dumb)
  • Nex-Gen Comics trip! And the amazing Muppet alters that Stephen does:




Day/Nightbound confuses the shit out of Mark


From the mothership’s article on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt mechanics:


“Daybound and Nightbound are triggered abilities tied to the number of spells casted by the active player, with the effect being activating day or night designations (thus allowing the cards to be transformed at the beginning of the next turn).

When the game starts, it’s neither day nor night. In most games, it will become day first. The most common way that will happen is if a permanent with daybound appears on the battlefield. In some uncommon cases, it may become night first because a permanent with nightbound appears first.

Once it’s day or night, the game will be exactly one of those designations, day or night, going back and forth until the game ends. It can never return to being neither. And the whole game is either day or night. It’s not a per player thing.

If it’s day, each double-faced card with daybound and nightbound will enter the battlefield with its daybound face up. If it’s night, each of them will enter nightbound face up. Note that this doesn’t affect spells on the stack.

There are two ways for the game’s day/night designation to change. If it’s day as a turn begins, and the previous turn’s active player didn’t cast a spell last turn, it becomes night. Similarly, if it’s night as a turn begins, if the previous turn’s active player cast two or more spells last turn, it becomes day. To help everyone keep track of day and night, a helper card that reminds you of these rules. Another way the day/night designation can change is when cards have effects that just say it becomes day or night. This can happen at any point in the turn when the effect says so.

As it becomes day, all double-faced cards with nightbound transform to their daybound faces. As it becomes night, all double-faced cards with daybound transform to their nightbound faces. In other words, these double-faced cards should always be in sync, no matter who controls them. What’s more, permanents with daybound and nightbound can’t transform any other way.”




Werewolf Tribal!!




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