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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 492! This week Mark and Adam are looking for something cold to finish out the summer. What better way to do so than to look at some cards from Ice Age! First we take a moment to talk about some news from the upcoming Commander Sealed 2022. We then get to ask the question… When should you go infinite? We wrap things up with a quick look at some cards from Ice Age that are still really good to play with in the modern day of the game.


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CommanderCast Episode 492

Posted: August 22, 2022








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Commander Sealed 2022 update

  • About halfway sold out of tickets already


See also: Dean’s guest spot on Ep. 484 where he talks all about the event.


Interstitial fodder: 

  • The Diofield Chronicle demo is pretty deece.
  • X-Men volume 5 (disassembled/age of X-Man)
  • 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a better version of Vampire Survivor
  • What makes a good deli?




When do you unleash your infinite combo?

  • As early as possible (between turns 3 to 5)
  • Low on cards/tapped out/have counterspells
  • If someone else is on the brink of alpha-strike, winning.


Do you piecemeal or drop it all at once?

The social aspect of combo-ing off


See also: Commander




Cards from Ice Age that are actually worth playing in 2022 





  • Pain lands
  • Snow-Covered lands




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3 Responses to “CommanderCast Ep 492 – Ice Age in the Summertime”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    Mmm. Abundance ends up being an interesting way to abuse these cards. As they are all replacement effects, you just chose to use Abundance’s replacement option first and foremost. And then you have no draws to do the other effects. Continue to get new creatures through Enduring Renewal. Pay no life to Sylvan Library. Have no threats to cards in hand through Zur’s Weirding.

    As for Noritt and Skeleton Ship. I had (have?) a 60 card Seafaring deck. Brine Shaman, and Noritts and the Skeleton Ship. Mix in some tortured existance and so forth and just tap tap tap shrink down all your opponents creatures to nothing.

  2. Dadsquatch said

    I live about 90 minutes away from Zingermans, and I can confirm that it’s pretty epic. Just watching your sandwich be made and the number of options is staggering. Will you pay upwards of $20 for a sandwich? Yes, you probably will. But goddamn, man, the Reuben, and the baked goods… There’s a reason they have an entire international mail order building and hangar-like warehouse aside from their quaint storefront in Ann Arbor.

    Is it just me, or does Infernal Darkness look like a Cuphead boss?

    I have seen someone use Dreams of the Dead before in a deck. It’s such a weird and unique ability in blue. I think the cumulative upkeep is a moot point because you’ll build around etb triggers anyway. If you have an Azorious deck, there’s probably not as cheap ways to reanimate a bunch of creatures like that.

    I like Earthlink’s artwork, and it does feel very Jund. If it wasn’t 6 mana I think it could definitely see more play in things like Lord Windgrace decks where it’s not really at parity with opponents.

    I like Elemental Augury. It’s not quite a Divining Top and you can also use it to hose other players. I don’t know what the artwork of a dinosaur snorting spirit-cocaine has to do with it, but, like you said, it’s all terrible and wonderful at the same time.

    Fire Covenant is a card I still use to this day. In Rakdos you should give zero fucks about your life total and this is like Fireball and Hatred had a baby. They even reprinted it with alt art back in Strixhaven.

    I have used Iceberg in big mana decks. It allows you to store up excess mana and is on point flavor-wise in any stupid Kraken/Leviathan deck.

    I think Musician is cool, but has nothing to do with the Ice Age. Sweet Drew tucker art aside, I don’t play it, but I own it and like it.

    I have seen other players use the Talisman cycle to do some crazy things. I think it may have involved infinite mana with Nykthos, the green talisman and Wurmcalling or maybe Onyx Talisman and Cabal Coffers.

    Ritual of Subdual is something that kicked me in the dick many years ago. I think it was a green stax deck that was able to bounce and recast it every turn.

    Total War is a card I have seen be very useful in a few decks. It opens up the whole table to shenanigans like it’s a Fumiko The Lowblood.

    I made Skeleton Ship as a general once. It centered around static abilities that made creatures weaker in general (Cumberstone, Dampening Pulse, Night of Soul’s Betrayal, Weakstone). It was annoying for my opponents anyway. I eventually transformed into a Silumgar the Drifting Death deck. Nowadays it would probably be even better as a Toxrill deck.

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