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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 493! This week Mark and Adam are getting a chance to look at the new Commanders from the new Dominaria Commander set. First we take a moment to talk about the Mono-Coler Commanders from the set. We then get down and dirty with all the new mechanics from Dominaria United.  We wrap things up with a quick look at some cards from Alliances that are still really good to play with in the modern day of the game.


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CommanderCast Episode 493

Posted: August 29, 2022








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The mono-colored Dominaria Commander Commanders


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  • Finally finished Dungeon Encounters.
  • She-Hulk is the Ally McBeal of the MCU and that’s not a bad thing.
  • How High We Go in the Dark, by Sequoia Nagamatsu
  • Donuts: Do or do nut? 



Dominaria United mechanics 


  • Enlist 
  • Read Ahead
  • Domain
  • Kicker
  • Stun Counter




Cards from Alliances that are actually worth playing in 2022 








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8 Responses to “CommanderCast Ep 493 – Commander, Commander, plus Alliances”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    Of the Alliances cards I’d like to play, but don’t quite get around to, its Krovikan Horror. A black creature that’s a sac outlet to ping any target, and which automatically comes back to your hand if there’s a creature card in the graveyard immediately above it. Thus it’s a sac outlet, but also a Squee. Since it never had to be in play first. You could just keep discarding it and another creature for value.

    I play some Arcane Denial, but not as often as I could. I keep wanting to cast it to cycle it instead of waiting for the right moment. And my Force of Will I traded in for series 3 of my Vanguard cards because I had no use for it that many ears before EDH.

    As to Pheldagrif, that was my first EDH deck. And because other folks were durdling, I amped up its ability to do commander damage. It’s very hard to block, after all. And then folks in my playgroup would forget about it? Oh hey, That’s Pheldagrif group hug? Neat! Uh no… Pheldagrif attacks you for 10 damage, flying.

    Dominaria United to me is weird. I’m positive on the set. I’d be more positive on the Legends reborn cards if their sourcing wasn’t so atrocious. (I think those ones are Boxtoppers and Collector boosters only) and then there’s really cool awesome callback cards like Greensleeves, Maro Sorcerer. Calling back to the series of books who’s card promos included Mana Crypt. (Greensleeves was a developing druid who ended up forming a crusade of left behind summons to fight against callus dueling wizards who would summon them to fight their battles for them.) Landfall Badgers! (Callback to Giant Badger, another Greensleeves reference and promo) Flavorful protection! and yet I’m unclear what packs I might open her in… Set boosters and Collector Boosters I think? Maybe? All the absolute coolest cards seem gatekept behind paywalls in the worst possible way for the set. Augh!

    Looking forward to your next 10 podcasts!

    • Jeremy Parsons said

      Oh, I think I forgot to mention. The story they’re doing for Dominaria United I hate about 90% of it. Like I think Squee coming to terms with his respawning and making a bid for one last life, no respawns let’s go. Is cool. And in some degree, its lamentable that we don’t do more with Ajani, but Ajani Sleeper Agent is kind of cool too. But the all out invasion level event and fight around the mana rig…. Ugh, just all too much. Why couldn’t we have just a constant level of Phyrexians ala Alliances here? Present as a mover and shaker, but in the background in small doses.

      I just wanted to go back to Dominaria, tool around in some of the locals we missed last time. Kick over a sliver hive or two, and just relax and have fun with the natural tussles of the world.

    • Adam Traas said

      I love krovikan horror. Have used in edh. Have not since. But i do love it.

  2. BeltFedWeapon said

    A missive on Lake of the Dead: I agree with half the sentiment – in either Windgrace or Golgari dredge/reanimation where you are running Life from the Loam, Gitrog Monster and other obligatory land recursion cards (World Shaper et al.) as your strategy. Then and only then, yes, you have the extra land drops, recursion, and synergy to make it worth it to run this card (if you happen to own it).

    I am however adamantly against it in any mono-Black deck that isn’t a ‘fast’ combo deck – which most mono-Black decks are not.

    Yes, the BBBB bump is great for that one turn – but at what cost? If it’s the same turn you play the lake, that’s two swamps sacrificed. You are heavily mortgaging the future development of your mana base for one explosive turn. It literally is going against a core pillar of strength of the deck…and I think that really impedes the function of your deck (and the fun you will have the rest of the game).

    Mono-Black doesn’t have reliable ways to recur lands and swamp density is what you need to get your best ramp online from Cabal Coffers/Stronghold and ‘doublers’ like Crypt Ghast, Nirkana Revenant, and Caged Sun. To my knowledge, there is one option to directly get back those sacked swamps from your GY in mono-Black: Scaretiller (emphatic ‘meh’). Yawgmoth’s Will and lesser cards like Magus of the Will and Grim Discovery all send the swamp back to hand to then replay (for what is likely your one land drop a turn). You are literally jumping through hoops and dedicating card slots to get back those swamps you’re losing for just BBBB. I am not a fan of Extraplanar Lens in more competitive decks and it is a far better option as you only lose one swamp once. I firmly believe that in even casual-competitive decks, that cost of continued swamp sacrifice is actually steeper today in mono-Black than it was 25+ years ago when the lake was printed as you didn’t even have Black’s swamp-centric form of ramping with Cabal Coffers and company. The game was far different – it was clunkier (so more forgiving of effects like this) and well before EDH where you probably lose to an Acidic Slime or Strip Mine hitting your lake. That’s a blowout without the aforementioned awkward and limited land recursion happening to already be in your hand.

    A note on Lake of the Dead’s price too: I am not adverse to expensive carboard, but I don’t believe that it being ‘worth’ $100 is even remotely sane. Ah the reserve list – but that is another topic.

    • Dadsquatch said

      I own 2 copies from when I opened Alliance packs, I don’t even use them. I should probably trade one in for store credit.

    • Jeremy Parsons said

      Agree with assessment. I just want to bemoan that I so hoped Scaretiller to be a better card than it is. A pretty unique effect to give any color access too. But yes, too slow. I’ve yet to be able to sustain it in any deck beyond it’s original Sevinne decklist. And it does persist there, pulling its weight as the deck as upgraded. But specifically because it’s a slow, durdlly deck that wants a ton of mana and loves dragging lands back from the graveyard. It doesn’t go in say the vehicle deck I have because that deck has some vehicles, not tons, and wants really aggressive bodies.

  3. Dadsquatch said

    Cards that I actually like/play from Alliances:

    Energy Arc is an oddly specific untap ability that can be used on attackers or blockers. Also, it can be used on mana dorks for additional ramp.

    While I don’t play Feast or Famine, I feel like cards like this were some of the first modal spells. I could be seriously wrong, but I can’t think of any before this that would nicely qualify. Plus, it’s an instant, and that’s always kind of useful.

    I think Martyrdom is something I have used before. Maybe I redirected all of the damage to something benefitted from damage. I used to be a big fan of Simulacrum type effects.

    Phyrexian Devourer is also pretty great in a non-combo way for Mairsil, The Pretender because he wouldn’t get the top clause. You just keep making him bigger and bigger.

    Does Adam dislike Soldevi Steam Beast because it’s a waste of Bill Sienkiewicz’s talent?

    I also love Soldevi Excavations. I may have changed my mono-blue general a dozen times over the past decade, but that land stays in the deck.

    Lord of Tresserhorn is still probably my second or third favorite Grixis general. The last time I built him I made the deck have 4 mana as its cap, everything else was building towards him, including sweepers I could cast for 3 and still regenerate him. It’s the only time I have been happy to play Bontu’s Last Reckoning.

    I am also a take-it-or-leave-it donut guy. I still remember when I was forced to spell them doughnuts in school, as “donuts” wasn’t a grammatically accepted version at the time. The same goes for “moustache”. Spelling aside, I like fresh-made cinnamon donuts straight out of the fryer with some apple cider. I enjoy a cruller now and again, maple glazed was a favorite of mine as a kid, and a sour cream donut is never turned down by me, but if I had my choice during a morning meeting, I’m a muffin dude,

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