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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 494! This week Mark and Adam are getting a chance to look at the new Commanders from the new Dominaria Commander set. First we take a moment to talk about the different decks and what they have to offer. We then get to talk about all of the new reworked cards from the Legends Reborn.  We wrap things up by getting down and dirty with all the new cycles from Dominaria United.

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CommanderCast Episode 494

Posted: September 12, 2022








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The NEW multi-colored Dominaria United Commander Commanders


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Legends Reborn, woot, woot!





Cycles in Dominaria United


Rare Kickers




New Lords




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2 Responses to “CommanderCast Ep 494 – Legends Reborn-ified for the Modern Era”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    Dihada seems fine. Though possibly still feels best as a Commander. ie take her precon and tune it up. The +2 requires a legendary, unless you want to make deals, or just run it in the 99, in which case it does back up an protect your commander. Vigilance and Lifelink are ok, especially with how much lose life draw effects black runs now. But Indestructible Until your next turn is a pretty monstrous boon. And then her -3 is intriguing. With legends, it’s like a Big Score you didn’t discard cards too. But maybe your actively want to do mill 4 cards and get 4 treasures. You’re running Mardu Flashback or Mardu ramp. The Ultimate is kind of like Windgrace’s. Monstrous if you hit it, but a mix of +2/-3 seems far more likely in terms of value management.

    Regarding Legends Reborn… a lot of them are just fine. But access to them is far too gated. Either as Boxtoppers or in only the Collector Boosters. For instance, from a friend I got the new Ramirez and am trying it in Dragonlord Silumgar (Aggro/Vehicles) Ramirez is fine, but far too much trouble to actually order online etc for a card that’s neat, but not changing any games. And I feel that sums up many of these cards. They should have been in Set Boosters too.

    Oh, I haven’t looked into other cards. But you know what Verrak would love? Fetchlands. Tap, sac, pay 2 life: Search your deck for a pair of typed lands…. Bloodsoaked Altar, some card draw. Removing yourself from the game with Murderous Betrayal… Glass-Cast Heart is on theme…
    I guess you could loop Priest of Fell Rights. Tap, Pay 3 life, Sac priest to reanimate. Verrak’s trigger, pay 3 life to copy the ability and change targets … to the Priest of Fell Rights who’s now in your graveyard.
    Bonus points if you get K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth into play.

  2. Dadsquatch said

    I was going to make the same comment about Verrak and fetchlands. It feels like a weird thing for black and white to unintentionally care about, but that would be some great ramp.

    Flavorwise, I like how they’re representing the slow decay of Bladewing. First he was a dragon, then a zombie dragon and now a skeleton dragon. Spirit dragon is next. He’s just way too expensive as a general, but the new Rakdos colored Rivaz, The Claw is perfect as a general to play Bladewing 3.0 in. He’s kind of like Chainer for dragons. I kind of like that.

    I think Hazeon has more potential than initially thought of, only because they’ll inevitably print more deserts, especially because someone in R&D probably loves this card and the original. He’s not as good as the original, same as Rasputin, but they were two of the actually _playable_ legends from the original set. It’s hard to improve upon perfection. We shall settle for “different” and move on.

    So, follow me on this one. Lady Otaria is originally Lady of the Mountain, which is also the personified version of the nation of Iceland. Mountains in Iceland are given female names and are referred to in the feminine form. She had been errata’ed to be a giant in Legends, but mixing a giant as the leader of a dwarf tribal makes even less sense than an avatar, so they split the difference and made her as a large avatar because the real life influence is essentially an avatar of a country.

    I thought of making Torsten as an all creatures and lands deck to maximize his etb. You can play Eldrazi Displacer and Emiel the Blessed and other blink creatures along with mana dorks and reap the value.

    I’m probably going to choose chili every time if given the option between that and beef stew, but I can’t say the same if it starts getting a little less standardized like a curry or a bouillabaisse. Also, for “exotic” stews, I would like to recommend the ethnic stew of the Polish people; Bigos. Bigos is Polish hunter’s stew that usually has a tomato base, kraut, kielbasa, pork and mushrooms. It tastes like a Catholic wedding reception to me, and childhood.

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