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Hello everyone and welcome to Commandercast Episode 192! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! We’re recording this on March 26th, 2015. This week Tom, Calvin, Clay, and Mark are joined by Aaron as we drink deep on that haterade! All of the hate! We discuss the tuck rule, the best reasons to hate people out the game, the various ways to hate, and some of our favorite hate cards. Get your hater vision goggles ready as we spill hate ALL OVER THIS PLACE!

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Commandercast Episode 193


March 26, 2015




Tom- MtG Radio


Favorite Commanders This Week:
Tom- Skullbriar, the Walking Grave

Aaron – Barrin, Master Wizard


Calvin – Ashling the Pilgrim


Mark – Rasputin Dreamweaver Commander ‘95 (It’s amazing; go get some! Read: Abe Sargent’s article)


Clay – Scion of the Ur-Dragon




Community Ban Poll



RC’s Justifications:
1) We want to engender as positive an experience as we can for players. Nothing runs the feel-bads worse than having your commander unavailable to you for the whole game.


2) The presence of tuck encourages players to play more tutors so that in case their commander gets sent to the library, they can get it back—exactly the opposite of what we want (namely, discouraging the over-representation of tutors).


3) While we are keenly aware that tuck is a great weapon against problematic commanders, the tools to do so are available only in blue and white, potentially forcing players into feeling like they need to play those colors in order to survive. We prefer as diverse a field as possible.


4) It clears up some corner case rules awkwardness, mostly dealing with knowing the commander’s location in the library (since highly unlikely to actually end up there).

Listen to an old episode of CommanderCast where Alex, from the rules committee, defends the tuck rule. (It’s funny, because it’s ironic now.)






The Playa Haters Ball – stories and/or reasons a player may play a hoser/hate card or deck. Does someone in your group have a deck that, for whatever reason, makes you want to hate it out? Yup, us too.


Aaron – Bounce


Mark – Stealing & Stax


Clay – Taxes and Abilities


Tom – Color specific hate


Blind Seer Decklist:


Calvin -Help me hate you


The image below also seems ripe for some Photoshopping magic, if anyone’s game.





To be angry is easy… – Knowing when, how, and at what/whom to best deploy your hate.

Hate Cat




Our favorite bling to bring the hate


Calvin – AEther Flash, Artificial Evolution, Apocalypse Chime


Aaron – Tectonic Edge, The “Name A Card” Suite: Nevermore/Declaration of Naught/Voidstone Gargoyle/Meddling Mage, Trickbind


Clay – Stony Silence, Suppression Field, Aura of Silence, Torpor Orb, Spelltithe Enforcer, Defense Grid


Mark – Memnarch, Smokestack, Mind Slash


Tom: Nothing worse than having to stare at your commander on the battlefield doing nothing category : Song of the Dryads, Darksteel Mutation, Lignify



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