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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 213! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology hosted on and our homesite:! We’re recording this on Aug 20th, 2015. This week the crew is joined by longtime friend of the show and writer of The Stack from, Cassidy Silver. We kick things off by going over some of the current events in Magic starting with the FTV: Angels and moving on to the new mulligan rules starting with the upcoming set. We then move on to talk about playing aggressively and how you can get the beats in on your opponents. 



All this and more and all you have to do is click the IB!


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CommanderCast Episode 212

Aug 20th, 2015




Cassidy – Chicago Shop Guy, writer for TCGPlayer


Favorite Commanders This Week:


Cassidy – Deez Nuts


Mark – Glissa, the Traitor


Clay – Tasigur, the Golden Fang


Calvin – Kresh the Bloodbraided


William – Sydri, Galvanic Genius


Weekly Schedule


Monday – CommanderCast Prime (Subscribe to our main site for up to date episodes!)

Tuesday – Journey to Somewhere/Deckbuilder’s Spotlight

Wednesday – Strategy

Thursday – Free For All Articles/Rival’s Duel and The Stack, w/ Uncle Landdrops & Grandpa Growth

Friday – Technology: Guest article: “Hidden Gems” by Jon


Dodo Bird videos SOMETIMES


Community:  Catch up on Some News


FTV: Angels


Vancouver Mulligan Rule


David Schreiner:  and #EDH players everywhere shrugged. “we already infinite mull to playable hands…”

The Tweet




Strategy:  Let’s talk aggro rush


-Much dudes

-Very Punch



Technology:  Assault Tech University


Cards that will help your small, swarmy aggro strategy!


William – Dolmen Gate, Chandra, Pyromaster, Waves of Aggression


Calvin – Nactl War Pride (+Rhys, the Redeemed), True Conviction, Mitotic Slime


Clay – Mirror Entity, Mark of Asylum, Soul of New Phyrexia


Mark – Champion of Lambholt, Goldnight Commander/Valor in Akros/Mantle of Leadership, Druids’ Repository


Cassidy – Purphoros, God of the Forge, Bludgeon Brawl, Sun Quan, Lord of Wu




William – Email: wiehernandez(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)blueram1409


Calvin – Email: captainredzone(at)gmail(dot)com  // twitter: (at)CaptainRedZone


Clay – Email: EDHPanda(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)EDHPanda // Stream Twitch, Tumblr, Twitter: (at)Pandalpaca


Mark – Email: mahlerma(at)gmail(dot)com


Cassidy – Email: (at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at) //




If you want to message Commandercast be sure to check out our Facebook page, manned by Calvin and Jud. You can also tweet us (at)Commandercast or email us at Commandercast(at)gmail(dot)com. You can leave us a review on iTunes, and we’ll read off any 5-Star reviews on air!


Thanks to everyone who contributes to our site, you’re all wonderful people. Music for our show is the X meets Heavy Metal series by 331erock. Check him out on Youtube. We’ll see you next week with more community, strategy, and technology. Until then, LET’S GET IT!

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