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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast! This week is an off week here and we have a guest! Bryan Li and Stephen Johnson are here and we’re talking all things cEDH or Competitive Commander if you want! We’re talking history, fundamentals, and variety all for your listening pleasure!

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CommanderCast Off-Week #3

Posted: September 28, 2020 


The Topic: cEDH




  • How long have you been playing Commander and when did you first get interested in playing Commander with a more competitive focus (i.e. cEDH)?


  • When you started playing cEDH, what was the cEDH meta like?


  • Has the cEDH side of the format changed dramatically since you started and if so – how?


  • What cEDH decks do you own and have you played? Do you also play casual Commander decks?




  • If you could boil cEDH down to a few basic elements, what would they be?


  • Does a shared understanding that everyone has winning as the primary focus of the game help to cut down saltiness?


  • Are there things you wouldn’t do in cEDH even though you recognize that they’re optimal and are legal in the format? Do you have a line past which you won’t cross, or a deck you just won’t build?


  • Do you think there is a hard line between EDH and cEDH or is it more of a scale or spectrum?


  • How do you tell if you’re playing against a cEDH deck or if you’ve built a cEDH deck?


  • What are “tiers” and how are they used to understand whether decks are at a cEDH power level?


  • How important is consistency in evaluating a deck’s placement within “tiers”?




  • How much deck variety is there in cEDH? Is it really just variations on Lab Man (now Thassa’s Oracle) and a handful of outliers like Najeela and Godo or do you see a lot of different and interesting strategies and wincons?


  • What is a “solved” format, and how “solved” is cEDH?


  • Is there much self-expression in cEDH deckbuilding?


  • How often do you see non-cEDH decks play against fringe cEDH or top tier decks and do you think that added “wildcard” makes those games more or less interesting.


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