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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast! This week is an off week here and we have Bryan Li and Stephen Johnson here again to talk all things cEDH or Competitive Commander if you want! This time the guys are talking about what it would take to go from a casual Commander player to a competitive EDHer.

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CommanderCast Off-Week #4

Posted: October 12, 2020 


The Topic: cEDH


*Here’s a link to part one: CommanderCast Off-Week #3: Talking cEDH with Bryan and Stephen


When Worlds Collide


  • What is “pubstomping” and why is it frowned upon?

  • How can the “rule zero” pre-game conversation help to avoid games that leave players unhappy or even angry?

  • How would you go about playing a high powered deck against lower powered decks?

  • Is there a “minimum bar” for more casual decks to be able to exist in a mixed meta that has cEDH decks?

  • Have you seen cEDH and casual commander intermingle in a way where the more casual players enjoy the experience? If so, how was that accomplished?


Moving From Casual Play To cEDH


  • What good starting points would you recommend to players interested in competitive play?

  • Are there fundamental understandings about Commander that apply to casual play and deckbuilding that players should let go of in order to move towards cEDH?


*See also: The Competitive EDH Decklist Database


Moving From cEDH To Casual Play


  • How would you suggest competitive players adjust their approach if they want to start playing in a more casual meta?

  • Can you pilot a cEDH deck in casual games and avoid pubstomping? Are there ways to easily adjust high-power decks to be playable in low-power environments?


The Future

  • How often do new cEDH viable cards enter the format?

  • What do you look for when evaluating cards and commanders in the context of cEDH?

  • Could you imagine someday seeing cEDH split off from EDH?

  • Do you feel the EDH rules committee is managing the format with the health of cEDH in mind?

  • Do you encourage players to use a local / playgroup banlist if they have issues with how the official banlist affects their cEDH games?

  • As a thought experiment – what would happen if cEDH simply didn’t ban any cards at all?






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