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A lot’s happened while we were on break: Dragon’s Maze, slivers, a whirlwind of disappointment regarding a highly touted character from Doug Beyer’s “The Secretist”.   Regardless, we’re going to go through as much as we can to catch up within the upcoming weeks.


Also, be sure to check the show notes for some important announcements regarding the future of Commandercast.

As always, show notes, links, and download link are below.







00:00 to 16:31: Silly stuff/Introductions:

Recorded on: May 16, 2013

Favorite Commanders:

Podcast News:
– Check for daily updates on articles by CommanderCast writers

– This will be our last season as “Commandercast”

–       Calvin is my new official co-host

–       Trying to go for a shorter show to conserve space on topic discussions, so only one topic per piller now.

Nole wanted to make an announcement about his articles


17:23 to 33:31: Free for all roundtable – Slivers:

Slivers are back…or are they? A very polarizing tribe, how do the new slivers make us feel? Whether you love em’ or hate em’, slivers are coming out to play in the upcoming Magic 2014 core set!

33:59 to 55:40: The Elf No One Wanted: Emmara [20 minutes] EVERYONE’S weighed in on Emmara, so we might as well too. Does she have a practical use, or is her ability way too narrow? Don’t even get me STARTED on the flavor dissonance (stupid Voice of Resurgence). We also check out some of Gather’s comments on her to see what people REALLY think.


Link to the Emmara deck list by Bennie Smith
57:13 to 1:37:15: – Undiscovered Tech: Dragon’s Maze [15 minutes] Dragon’s Maze is full of really splash cards that look TONS of fun! Chances are that you’ve already heard of them. So today, we’re each going to share a common, uncommon, and a rare that hasn’t been getting a ton of early spotlight and put it up for consideration. Keep an eye out to see if they hold up down the line for our set review!

–       Calvin:  Hired Torture, Gleam of Battle, Savageborn Hydra

–       Nole: Crypt Incursion, Carnage Gladiator, Possibility Storm

–       William: Uncovered Clues, Gruul War Chant, Ready & Willing
1:37:16 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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