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This week starts our final three week campaign to end the season, as well as the year, on a good note for you guys! In the upcoming weeks, you’re going to hear us with Bruce Richards and Adam Styborski of the mothersite, before we wrap things up with the founder of EDH himself, Sheldon Menery.

We’re already done recording these sessions though and I’ve got to say, they were tons of fun!

Our first guest on deck is Bruce, writer for DailyMTG’s “Serious Fun” column! Bruce plays in a casual table top setting where EDH isn’t the main course, but a part of the wide buffet that they enjoy. He’s got some great insight into not just EDH, but casual magic as a whole.

Today, we’re talking newbie overload, some pre-packaged segments with Angelic Accord, and we’ve got to give some sad news to one person’s Deck Tech Hospital submission.

All this and more, after the Ib!




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Commandercast season 11 Episode 11

Recording Nov 6, 2013

Guest: Bruce Richards

Favorite Planeswalker: Elspeth



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Community: Newbie Player Overload!

With the release of the 2013 Commander precons, newer players are going to be seeing a bunch of new cards for the first time and not just their own. Whether you’re playing casual 60’s or EDH, this is something a lot of players are going to experience for a while until they can start familiarizing themselves with everyone’s decks/cards/etc.

As a bonus, we also include some great ways to ease noobies into your regular playgroups so that you don’t leave a bad impression and invite them to come play some more.
Strategy: Deck Tech Hospital

A listener sent this deck in for us to help it out by making it more socially acceptable. Unfortunately, we have some badnews….he’s dead, Jim.

Some decks, by their game plan, aren’t going to be terribly acceptable by some playgroups because of how badly they interact with everyone else, and that’s what we discover here. Is there anything you guys think we could have done to help? Let us know!
Technology: Pre-packaged Segment: Angelic Accord

This is definitely one of my favorite all-time cards from M14. It’s such a johnnyable card that I couldn’t help but want to share the possibilities with everyone else!
Some Card suggestions: (Most of William’s came from faithful listeners/followers, so thank you!!!)


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