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    Hello Commandercast faithful! We’re back with a brand-new season of Commander content for you, wherever you like to slap down a nice, thick deck full of juicy singletons!

This year sees us changing up how we format some things from content (three new columns!) and the show structure itself. This year, we’ll be working to give each episode it’s own theme whether it be a show about life gain, vorthos, or the judge breaker.

This weeks theme isn’t really a theme at all though. This week, we’re kicking off our two part Gatecrash review!

Last year’s Return to Ravnica review kinda dragged out, so we’re gonna get this done in as few episodes as we can. Doesn’t mean we’re skipping some great in-depth analysis of what these cards did for Gatecrash though! We went ahead and broke the set into three and two: three guilds/colors and two guilds/colors. This week, you’re getting Simic, Orzhov, and Dimir!

Which cards are going to discuss? We’ll have a full list on below, but that’s all we’ll be doing.

However, it is worth saying that as much as I liked talking about the cards, I feel like we could be doing a lot better job reviewing these sets, so look forward to more innovations to how we handle set reviews!



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Commandercast season 12 Episode 1


Recording January 9, 2014


Guests: Brian, Cassidy


Favorite Commanders/Planeswalkers:


Brian: Child of Alara, Kiora Atua


Cassidy:: Borborygmos Enraged, Xenagos, the Reveler



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New Columns, content, articles, all on a bi-weekly schedule!


Kitchen Table Tactics – Jonathan

Excerpt: ” I will be alternating Fridays with Chris and writing “Kitchen Table Tactics”.  The article series is intended to talk about multiplayer strategy, politics, threat evaluation, and evaluating multiplayer variants, be they stock formats like Hydra, or home brews.”

Tragic Slipping Tier One – Hayes

Excerpt: “I’m going to be writing every other Tuesday about tier one commander in a column called “Tragic Slipping Tier One”. The column will focus on tier one decks and how non tier one decks can angle themselves to better fight against them. Articles will analyze what is happening in a game and how different players are reading those actions. What I want my column to prove to readers is that there aren’t really tier one decks, but tier one players.”


Spawning Pool – with an excerpt from Head Editor Nole

” The Spawning Pool is a chance for the site to try new things. If you, as a writer, want to try something out, you can reserve the Spawning Pool when you need it. It’s also a chance for us to post guest content as well as other things stuff. Since it is designed to try new things, our readers can expect to see a wide variety of stuff and be encouraged to comment on if they like something or not. This gives us a built in testing ground for new ideas as they come up. If you have one you’d like me to run for week one’s Spawning Pool, let me know. I will be handling the formatting of the Spawning Pool series.”


Gate Crash Review!

I actually really love the art for a lot of the Orzhov cards. The architecture and stained glass work is so beautiful!

OrzhovMerciless Eviction, Vizkopa Guildmage, Orzhov Charm, Obzedat, Ghost Council Treasury Thrull, Immortal Servitude, Blind Obedience[/card, [card]Crypt Ghast]


Black – Sepulchral Primordial, Ogre Slumlord, Illness in the Ranks,  Lord of the Void Undercity Informer, Grisly Spectacle

…..wait…this wasn’t what I wanted to post…what guild was I looking for…?

Dimir -Whispering Madness, Stolen Identity Dimir Charm, Consuming Aberration, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind,Dustmantle Guildmage, Nightveil Specter


Blue – primordial, Rapid Hybridization, Realmwright, AEtherize

There are very few decks where Prime Speaker isn’t good for what ails you! =D

SimicFathom Mage, Master Biomancer, Prime Speaker Zegana, Unexpected Results, Urban Evolution, Simic Charm, Nimbus Swimmer,


Green – Sylvan Primordial, Ooze Flux, Giant Adephage, IvyLane Denizen


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