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Howdy, Commandercast faithful! Calvin and I are back for the second part to our Gatecrash review! I actually liked how our first parter went, so it’s a shame that this one was recorded first. But don’t worry! Eric and Chris join us to tell me why I’m delusional about some of these cards and tag team to give me a horrible swirly.

Today, we discuss the most aggressive guilds of Ravnica, Boros and Gruul! Plenty of these cards are exactly the kind of thing that get Calvin and I going when it comes to playing dudes and smashing. But which ones make the cut and which ones just disappeared over the past year?

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As always, shownotes are after the Ib!


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Commandercast season 12 Episode 2


Recording January 8, 2014


Guests: Chris B, Eric


Favorite Commanders/Planeswalkers:


Chris: Borborygmos the Enraged, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas


Eric: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Karn Liberated



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Kitchen Table Tactics – Jonathan

Excerpt: “ I will be alternating Fridays with Chris and writing “Kitchen Table Tactics”.  The article series is intended to talk about multiplayer strategy, politics, threat evaluation, and evaluating multiplayer variants, be they stock formats like Hydra, or home brews.”


Tragic Slipping Tier One – Hayes

Excerpt: “I’m going to be writing every other Tuesday about tier one commander in a column called “Tragic Slipping Tier One”. The column will focus on tier one decks and how non tier one decks can angle themselves to better fight against them. Articles will analyze what is happening in a game and how different players are reading those actions. What I want my column to prove to readers is that there aren’t really tier one decks, but tier one players.”


Gate Crash Review!

Boros- Boros Reckoner, Boros Charm, Assemble the Legion, Aurelia, the Warleader, Aurelia’s Fury, Sunhome Guildmage, Firemane Avenger, Foundry Champion Legion Loyalist, Frontline Medic


White – Guardian of the Gateless, Gideon, Champion of Justice, Court Street Denizen, Luminate Primordial

Does this image look small to you? Cuz it’s gonna get crazy huge in a second, and by image I mean “fist”.

Gruul- BorBorygmos the Enraged, Domri Rade, Ghor-Clan Rampager, Signal the Clans, Wrecking Ogre, Rubblebelt Raider, Gruul Ragebeast, Clan Defiance, Skaarg Goliath


Red – Hellkite Tyrant, Molten Primordial, Five-Alarm Fire


Artifacts – Keyrunes, Illusionist Bracers, Glaring Spotlight, Armored Transport. 🙂


Lands – Thespian’s Stage



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