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Howdy, Commandercast faithful! Today, things are gonna be a tad odd. By that, I mean Nole was our sole expert on the Judge Breaker deck but life interrupted, punched us in the gut, and stole him before departing for parts unknown.

Fortunately for us, there are tons of Born of the Gods spoilers that came out! You can see the entire selection over on Wizards home site at the image card gallery for yourself, but what do we think about some of these new cards? Well Xenagos is the crazy awesome for one.

So come on in and watch our minds melt as we trudge through the swampy depths of THE JUDGE BREAKER.



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Commandercast season 12 Episode 3


Recording January 15, 2014




Nole – Head editor for Commandercast


Hayes – New staff writer for Commandercast, “Tragic Slipping Tier One”


Favorite Commander:


Nole: Karona, the False God


Hayes: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic


Favorite Planeswalker:


Nole #1: Venser, Shaper Savant


Hayes #2: Elspeth, Sun’s Champion




Off Color Cast Episode 50 is up and ready for you to listen to


New Minor Gods finally revealed – Devotion 7 to that guild


Week #3 of our Bi-weekly column rotation

Community: How Many Licks Can You Take?


What is the Judge Breaker deck and where does it fit into the Community?


Sean Catanese’s Esper Judge Breaker Deck

How often can you play one without people getting frustrated?


When/where/why/ to play one?

When building, pick a route: do I want to win or do I want to only derp around?

Your deck will probably take awhile to win (If it plans to) but along the way you will encounter many complicated corner cases.

Strategy: The Inner Workings


What makes a judge breaker go? Your deck will probably take awhile to win (If it plans to) but along the way you will encounter many complicated corner cases.


What kind of cards go into making a successful Judgebreaker?


What cards are too much? Grip of Chaos


How can you fight with/against this kind of deck? Kill it. Kill it. KILL IT. Before Grip goes online.


Play more enchantment hate cards.

Technology: “How do we do this again?”


Looking at how common interactions and cards and helping you through their resolutions.


Thieves Auction (this’ll take forever to resolve)


Possibility Storm (watch how you stack your triggers)


Knowledge Pool (watch out for those triggers again)


Dominating Licid (the ORIGINAL enchantment creature…kinda)


Type changers like Mycosynth Lattice, enchanted evening (ask your local L2 about layers)



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