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Hey there Commandercast staples! Let me get this out of the way: I love snow, but getting stuck in it sucks. The cold sucks. Being in the middle west when the temperature is topping out at 10 degrees Fahrenheit sucks. You know what doesn’t suck? Grabbing a hot cup of tea and podcasting with my staff members Nole and Brian while we talk about Orzhov!

All this life drain is making me feel tired and lifeless I’ll admit, but I love Orzhov. They’ve got a few different archetypes that we’ll talk about, as well as a “quick” spotlight on some of our favorite Orzhov cards.

Now is it just me, or do I hear something in the background now that I’m listening to this episode again?

Shownotes after the Ib!



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Recorded on February 5th 2014



Nole – Head editor of and host of the Rival’s Duel Podcast

Favorite Commander:


Nole: Vela, the Night Clad


Brian: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician


Favorite Planeswalker:


Nole: Garruk Wildspeaker


Brian: Xenagos, the Reveler




Commander Bannings: Sylvan Primordial


New Multiplayer card speculation?



Ghost Segment: Extort and Haunt


Exactly what it says on the tin


Haunt – Death triggers…kind of?


Extort – Great multiplayer mechanic


Community: “Each Opponent” vs. “Target Opponent”


Lately, Wizards has shown a tendency to make mechanics/cards that skew towards multiplayer with “everyone else gets something bad” effects, which was most prominent with Orzhov’s Extort.


Ex) Which is worse? Yosei or Kokusho?


Strategy: Orzhov: Bleed or Reanimate or tokens or control? Pick your poison.


Orzhov has two primary strategies from what I know: Bleed and Reanimate. What are its strengths and weaknesses when running one or the other?

Bleed – White for the setup (life gain) with Black for the buy in (cannibalizing life)


requirements: Defensive cards,


3 things to know


1) Patience


2) You don’t always have to be in the lead


3) Threat assessment and Politics


Reanimation – Reusing guys over and over again with no rest for the dead


Requirements: Sac outlets, the right reanimation effects


3 things to know


1) Resource Management


2) Not Overextending


3) Mileage


B/W Tokens – Using the weenie rush


Requirements: Ways to use tokens as resources


1) Get the most out of your tokens





Technology: Our favorite picks for Orzhov Tech!


William – Identity Crisis


Calvin – Vindicate


Nole – Purgatory


Brian – Necrotic Sliver



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