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CommanderCast 10 UP IN HERE! If you knew how this podcast get started, you would be as surprised as I am that we’ve made it this far. But we have and we only did because we have great listeners who keep hooking us up with their questions, comments, and ideas, fueling the disgusting, noise pollution-spewing BEAST CommanderCast has become. Please keep the feedback coming, and the show will keep appearing once per week!
This week we’re joined by podcasting superstar Scott aka MrScottyMac from the Eh Team podcast. He’s helping us do our THUG THIZZLE this week as we hit a variety of topics in Community, Strategy, and Technology. If you need more MtG podcast goodness when you’re done here go put the Eh Team in your scope!
Show notes and links below.

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00:00 to 04:53: Intro: Your three hosts introduce themselves.

05:09 to 09:49: Community: Free-For-All Roundtable: Cost and the Banlist: The ban listin EDH is cited as being influenced by ubiquity, power, and cost. Why is the last thing on there? A wise man once said “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”, but does the banlist have to be part of this? In an anticlimactic Free-For-All Roundtable, see what we all apparently agree on!10:20 to 21:19: Community: New Year’s Resolutions: As a new year dawns, here at CommanderCast we’re making our New Year’s Resolutions related to Commander. How are we planning to switch up our decks? Strategies? Metagame elements like deck pimping? If you have any of your own, send them in and we’d love to read them on the next show!

21:38 to 39:36: Strategy: Hated Out: Mono-Blue Guy: Our latest installment of Hated Out goes over being the Mono Blue Guy at your EDH table. Why is everyone attacking you? Are you really some game-ruining monster? How can you escape the stereotypes that chase mono-blue players around? We examine how to pilot and play against this hated archetype in a socially acceptable way.

39:59 to 50:07: Technology: Listener Question:Calvin aka ravenest hits us up with a question about win conditions for decks light on threats. Listen to the podcast, hear his story, and listen to our advice; add to it yourself by sending us an e-mail with suggestions.50:42 to 65:42: Technology: Secret Tech: Scott is lighting us up–verbally–with his Secret Tech.

Common: Walking Atlas, Bojuka Bog, Halimar Depths

Rare: Necrotic Ooze, Dust Elemental, Hunting Grounds

65:57 to closing: Outtro.

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