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It’s HAMMER TIME, without the hammers or designated time! CommanderCast episode 12 is here to resume yelling to you about EDH. Listen to this WITH YOUR EARS! We have Donovan back in the proverbial staircase with us slinging his wisdom to all you fiends out there lurking. Donovan is my main man on the prooflistening front these days so it only seemed appropriate to have him on point during recording.
Love to all our people following us on the Twitter feed. Be sure to check out the new Break My Card segment which will be jumping of weekly on the podcast’s Technology segment, with the previous week’s favoured entries bring featured in the Community segment.

>>>>> Download the show in MP3 format here! <<<<<

00:00 to 01:32: Intro: Your four hosts introduce themselves. Showing love to our listener e-mails and Tweets.
01:38 to 05:37: Community Spotlight: Cockatrice: Do you like Magic Workstation? Sorry, loaded question. Do you USE Magic Workstation? If so then give the dudes over at a shout, because they’re coming through with a new free Magic client that supports multiplayer.
05:41 to 20:29: Community: The Wrath Cycle: Adam’s back battling Stephen Hawking for theorist championship belt. This week he’s letting you in on what he calls the ‘Wrath Cycle’, a deck construction phenomenon in local metagames where certain answer and question cards will continually cycle form heavy use to near-extinction. How can you recognize it and leverage it? What does it mean?
20:31 to 41:25: Strategy: Planeswalkers in EDH: We’re doing a listener topic sent to us from Bryan about Planeswalker in EDH. How does their dynamic change in multiplayer, and especially Commander? Which ones are good, and which ones get worse from the 1v1 environment they’ve been ruining for the last few years?
41:32 to 44:51: Technology: Break My Card: It’s our new thing on Twitter. STRICTLY for our followers there because before this our e-mail guys got all the love (and the contest). Here’s how it works:

  • Once a week, I give you a single card. It can be anything.
  • You let me know how to use it via Twitter. It has to be in one Tweet. You can use short versions, abbreviations, and acronyms, but if I can’t decipher them you’re busted. You can’t send a second tweet, e-mail, or telegraph to explain what you mean.
  • You have to tell me what Commander will be in charge of the deck the card is used in. After that, you can say whatever; a combo? Some synergies? The type of deck it works in best? It’s up to you to do something awesome with the card.

This week’s card to break is SPELLBINDER.

45:03 to 60:40: Technology: Retro Cycle Review: Scourge Decrees. We’re rating the mighty Scourge Decrees from best to worst in Commander. Not familiar with them? Here’s links.
Decrees of Justice, Silence, Pain, Annihilation, Savagery.

Jeremiah’s Picks: Pain, Silence, Justice, Annihilation, Savagery
Andy’s Picks: Annihilation, Pain, Justice, Silence, Savagery
Donovan’s Picks: Pain, Annihilation, Silence, Justice, Savagery

Adam’s Picks: Pain, Annihilation, Silence, Justice, Savagery
60:50 to closing: Outtro.

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