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What’s this? A second episode? Andy’s computer hasn’t melted down yet, which can only mean more CommanderCast! Thanks to everyone to listened to us the first time around and welcome to everyone who is just joining us.

This episode, our Community segment covers the theory of the Axis of Interactivity. For Strategy, Byron provides a commentary on “rattlesnake” type cards and their applications in EDH. Finally, in Technology, your hosts review General selection and what makes a general a viable decision to lead your deck.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 05:04: Introduction. Updates on the show, e-mail shoutouts, and Andy apologizes for his sub-par editing.

05:14 to 23:56: Community Segment: Axis of Interactivity. Byron and Andy discuss the theory of the ‘Axis of Interactivity’ and how it relates to EDH. The discussion explores why different groups take enjoyment in different types of games, why different playstyles might clash, and how personal expectations may not meet in the middle with a playgroup’s collective style.

23:57 to 28:44: Community Spotlight: Bennie Smith’s You Lika Tha Juice? Altered Expectations”. Another great article by Bennie Smith, not exclusively EDH, but with a very interesting opening segment on what is realistic to expect from other players.

29:00 to 47:06: Strategy Segment: Rattlesnake Cards. Byron explores “rattlesnake” cards and their value and applications in EDH. When is an intimidating effect as useful as something more direct? What are the strengths and weaknesses of rattlesnake cards and strategies, and how much can you really deter your opponent? Also a look at the mind games of EDH games and political machinations.

47:20 to 69:47: Technology Segment: General Viability. Andy and Byron debate what eliminates a general from the running as a worthwhile choice. Factors like converted mana cost, impact to cost, colours, and even power creep figure into the discussion. When should you start looking at another general for the same deck? What is the balance between a deck running a general well against relying on it too much?

70:00 to 73:43: Technology Segment: Wrexial Project. Andy solicits help on his budget deckbuilding project in constructing a deck for his main man, Wrexial, the Risen Deep.

73:46 to closing: Outtro.

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