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CommanderCast’s Third Strike is upon us! We couldn’t have made it this far without people out there putting up with us so huge thanks to all our listeners. Please keep the feedback coming, positive, negative, or in between. We especially love getting your e-mails. Also be advised we are continually trolling the cold, loveless void of the information superhighway for good EDH content, commentators and discussion, so if you find one point us in the right direction, we’d hugely appreciate it!In this podcast Andy and Byron’s voices are accompanied by not one, but TWO very special guest hosts:
  • Zimagic aka Owen, our man from “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombs” and regular contributor on the EDH forums. Thought-provoking Blogger; lives in France, which is pretty rad. Lycanthrope (probably).
  • Fugu aka Adam from the EDH forums, the ONLY man bold enough to put 80s shades on Emrakul. Grabbed my attention with his proposal to cut tutors from your EDH deck. Potential replacement for Daniel Craig in the next Bond movie.

Hopefully you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed podcasting with them!

As an aside, this was an adventure fraught with pit traps and hissing cobras, if pits and cobras were technical problems and difficult editing. I apologize in advance for issues with sound level fluctuations, especially with Byron’s mic which decided to be difficult like five minutes before we started recording.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.


00:13 to 05:46: Introduction. Meet our guest hosts, Fugu and Zimagic; brief overview of some recent updates; and Andy discusses listener e-mails.

05:52 to 10:20: Community Segment Pt. 1: Free-for-all Roundtable: SUNDERING TITAN. A debate on the value of Sundering Titan in EDH. Each host presents their own perspective and then we engage in a roundtable debate.

10:30 to 23:56: Community Segment Pt. 2: Cut Your Tutors (…?). An expansion on Fugu’s topic on the EDH community boards about cutting your tutors from decks, the effect they have on games, and why you might want to consider axing them from your own piles of cardboard.

10:30 to 28:44: Community Spotlight Pt. 3: Spotlight: “The Command Zone”. DarkThaumaturge’s excellent EDH Blog, with an amazing post this week on ubiquity. Check it out! Also see his sweet Scars of Mirrodin set review.

29:00 to 47:06: Strategy Segment: Who to Attack First? A strategy discussion on target priority, cultivating potential allies, and how to focus attacks. Multiplayer fiends only need apply. How different decks need to arrange their attacks and focus their damage and cards.

47:20 to 69:47: Technology Segment: SECRET TECH. The triumphant return of SECRET TECH! Our most requested segment is BACK IN YOUR FACE! Owen and Adam open their brains up (in a non-surgical way) and let you in to see their underused gems .

Owen’s Picks:
Common: None, Owen has no time for such peasant garbage.
Uncommon: Avarice Totem, Seedguide Ash, Stonecloaker
Rare: Hallowed Burial, Portcullis, Cloudstone Curio

Adam’s Picks:
Common: Cremate, Strider Harness, Aether Spellbomb
Uncommon: Junktroller, Ovinize, Predict
Rare: Heat Shimmer, Scout’s Warning, Tsabo’s Decree

73:46 to closing: Outtro.


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