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This week’s CommanderCast was released despite the resistance of DESTINY ITSELF. Byron? Dead. Or busy with family. Something like that. Our planned guest host, Carlos (one of our very first listeners)? Technical problems struck him down while I listened. Things were looking pretty grim. I was ready to throw in the towel when like a total 80s action hero, my man Adam aka Fugu rappelled INTO MY INTERNET and saved you all from an incredibly boring hour of me droning on by myself. Wicked awesome!

Then my computer corrupted the entire podcast we recorded. Everything was going against this podcast existing at all. However, Adam continued to be a superhero and swept in to save me, recording a second podcast less than 24 hours after the first time. He is the only reason this is being released and for that I am super grateful.

Keep in mind our Generals Remixed contest is still going on; you have until the sixth episode to get your submissions in. Let’s see what you can do. We’ve received some very cool entries. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to design a card for us.

Show notes and links below. Enjoy.

>>>>> Download the show in MP3 here! <<<<<
00:00 to 00:00: Intro. Introductions of your hosts; Andy mentions the mid-week update and Generals Remixed contest. E-mail shoutouts and Andy gives ups to the University of Toronto MtG group for inviting him to play with them.
00:00 to 00:00: Community: Hypercreatures Theory. Adam presents his theory on Hypercreatures and their impact on EDH. For examples of Hypercreatures, see Emrakul, Kokusho, Sundering Titan, and Iona. We cover the definition, effect on games, the ban list, and social regulation. This spawned from Adam’s recent thread on Hypercreatures at the ‘official’ EDH forums.
00:00 to 00:00: Strategy: Colour Responsibilities. When you take your slices of the colour pie for a deck, you get the right to tap into it’s powers… but does that come with responsibilities? We look at the concept of ‘expectations’ attached to the different colours and their roles, what happens when you break ranks, and the overall influence of playing by colour in a multiplayer EDH context.
00:00: to 00:00: Technology: Retro Cycle Review: Prophecy Avatars. In a new feature, we will be examining an ‘old’ (flexibly defined) cycle of cards from a past set and give them another look. The cycle is then ranked in terms of usefulness in EDH from best to worst be each commentator. This week, we are looking at the Prophecy Avatars of Fury, Hope, Might, Will, and Woe.
00:00 to closing: Outro. Let us know your thoughts. New content on the way! Get in touch with us with the contact information below.
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