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Here at CommanderCast it’s going DOWN as usual! It’s been an exciting week for EDH and we’re here to give you our thoughts on the breaking news, as well as covering our usual pillars of Community, Strategy, and Technology. This week Carlos (one of our first listeners) is joining me though the miracle of the intertron to back me up as the discussion roams from news to politics and, back by popular demand, the return of Secret Tech.

Also coinciding with the release of this podcast is the conclusion of our Generals Remixed contest. Huge thanks to everyone for their submissions, we got a ton of very exciting entries! This week, the whole CommanderCast team will be picking though the submissions before deciding our winner, who will be the recipient of a Legendary Creature of their choice with altered art by the very talented Sandreline.

Show notes and links below. Enjoy.

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00:00 to 05:34: Intro: Meet Carlos, mail responses, shout outs, and Andy announces the closing of the Generals Remixed competition.
05:55 to 29:38: Community Segment: WotC’s Commander Announcement: Andy and Carlos give a rundown of their thoughts on Wizard’s big EDH announcement. A bit of news, a bit of speculation, a bit of hype. What can this mean for the future of the format? What about the upcoming product releases? IS EDH DOOMED? Probably not.
30:03 to 48:15: Strategy Segment: Political Plays. Politics in multiplayer Magic has been controversial since the days of chump blocking Craw Wurms with your Mons’s Goblin Raiders. In EDH, politics are an ever-present force. To some, they are a toxic element that ruins games; to others, they are another fascinating axis of strategy; and some people like to manipulate others both in and out of game. We’re giving our views on politics in Commander; when it’s cool and when it’s crossing the line.
48:27 to 68:22: Technology: Secret Tech: Carlos Edition. Carlos is dropping jewels all over the place in Secret Tech. CHECK IT:
Common: Bubbling Muck, Crop Rotation, Aftershock
Uncommon: Winding Canyons, Diviner’s Wand, Filth
Rare: Nim Deathmantle, Hall of the Bandit Lord, Vesuva
68:29 to closing: Outtro.
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