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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS for the second time

Welp this hunk of garbage ate my well-composed show notes and IMMEDIATELY auto-saved a blank page, so you’ll have to excuse me if these are a bit clipped

This week’s episode of CommanderCast is arriving as usual, but accompanied by a special bonus podcast covering the decision of the winner of the Generals Remixed contest! It’s available seperately for both streaming and MP3 download as you please. Check it out and see who our grand champion (and winner of the sweet-ass-sweet custom card by Sandreline) is!

Also, coming off the Free-for-all Roundtable, be sure to vote in our first poll! You can find it in the upper-left side of the blog’s sidebar.

Show notes and links below. Enjoy!

00:00 to 05:18: Intro: Meet Ben, Adam is announced as our third commentator, and Andy solicits your help to improve CommanderCast.

05:32 to 11:10: Community: Free-for-all Roundtable: Emrakul: In this edition of the Roundtable,we discuss perhaps the most hotly debated card in EDH; Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Does the format benefit from it’s inclusion, or does it deserve the banhammer? This week we want you to weigh in with our first half-assed poll! You can find it in the upper-left side of the blog’s sidebar.

11:22 to 29:36: Community: Rumourmongering: We gossip like bratty junior high girls about the upcoming December update from the Rules Committee. What changes can we expect to see in the future of Commander? Sheldon Menery is dropping hints in a StarCityGames article and we overanalyze them just like everyone else interested. If you’re looking for real substance, sorry, we got nothing.

29:45 to 31:24: Community: Generals Remixed Winner!: Three weeks came and went faster than I was like “Man those were three fast weeks” and we have a winner for Generals Remixed! To find out, check out our special CommanderCast extra where our contributors vote and debate our entries. Things come down to a nail-biting tiebreaker… ultimately, a shadowy council of CommanderCast personnel step fourth from their chambers to declare the ultimate winner!

31:37 to 50:15: Strategy: Hated Out: Combo. This week in a new strategy segment, we hate it out when it comes to combo. After venting about what we don’t like (some are more civil than others), the whole team lays out a less-emotional discussion on why they work, how to play it without offending everyone, and other aspects of playing this widely-hated archetype in Commander.
50:40 to 58:33: Technology: Secret Tech: Ben Edition. Ben gives you his Secret Tech in a shorter-than usual segment consisting of only three cards.
Uncommon: Harmonize
58:40 to 67:54: Technology: Wrexial Update: THE BEAST IS UNLEASHED! Andy has finished his $30 Wrexial deck! He discusses it’s performance (so far), the key cards, and how to play it. Check out the complete decklist and discussion here!
68:28 to 85:49: Technology: Wish It Was Legendary: In Carlos’ suggested topic, each host provides three examples of things that would make awesome Commanders if they were legendary. Here are the picks:
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