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We don’t take breaks for holidays, and proving this, we’re on point with another edition. CommanderCast 9 is dominated by a Community topic which deviates slightly from the original focus but provides an interesting discussion all EDH players no doubt ave an opinion on. Of course, we’re also bringing some Strategy (which expands on my video from earlier) and and a little Technology. We’re looking at the new generals the December rules update legalized and providing some ideas on deck construction, cards to include, and the like.

As always, we’re interested in what you have to say so get a hold of us using the contact information below. Show notes and links are below. Enjoy.

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00:00 to 02:59: Intro: Your three hosts introduce themselves. Andy discusses the mid-week update.
03:14 to 08:39: Community: Free-For-All Roundtable: SERIOUS BUSINESS: Is EDH serious business? This week we pull knives, guns, and lead pipes over whether there’s any validity in taking EDH as a ‘serious’ format.
08:52 to 38:16: Community: I’m Awesome At Beating Up Kids: We begin on topic talking about how tables can handle having players of varying skill, card pool, and experience sitting together. How can everyone have a good time? How do you integrate new EDH players to your group? How can you keep one dominant player from ruining everyone’s fun? This topic deviates significantly into a discussion on the roles of players in a metagame sense in maintaining the balance of fun at a game.
38:28 to 50:02: Strategy: Building Your Manabase: An extension of my YouTube video, we look at the pros and cons of artifact mana, how many mana sources to include in your deck, and land selection.
50:20 to 68:51: Technology: Welcoming Our New Overlords: We break down the new Commanders legalized by the December rules update.  Each of us have specific Legends to examine, though it seems we talk more about the ones we aren’t assigned:
Adam: Thelon of Havenwood
Andy: Daughter of Autumn and Bosh, Iron Golem
Jeremiah: Rhys, the Exiled
We all briefly discuss Memnarch but more or less gloss it over, since it’s already been talked to death in other environments.
69:12 to closing: Outtro.
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