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Continuing the trend of completely shameless crossovers from episode ten, this week on CommanderCast I am hosting the entire Muse Vessel. They come bringing their usual collective multiplayer Magic wisdom with me putting a Commander twist on their deluge of information. Now you can put a voice to the… uh… editorials of the Graveborn, Seedborn and Windborn Muses–Daryll, Brandon, and Bruce. You also get a reasonably sweet podcast.

Also of note:

Now you can be a part of PODCASTING HISTORY with CommanderCast’s first live call-in show! Do you like Commander? How about talking? Then this is right up your alley! Think “boring AM radio show” meets “colossal explosions” and you should have an idea of what this episode will be like. Maybe YOU can be one of those explosions, or at least some shrapnel!
This episode will be recorded starting at 9:00PM EST on April 30th, 2011.
How can you take part in this? Instructions below:
  1. You need Skype (free to download up in this piece) and a microphone that works reasonably well. Bruce used a Rock Band microphone to record and sounded pretty sweet, so if you have one of them, try it (it also makes you feel like a rock superstar, always useful).
  2. Make sure you’re available April 30th, 2011 for 9:00PM EST. If you have engagements like sleep, weddings, or liquor store robberies, I’d recommend rescheduling.
  3. E-Mail CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com and express your interest with the subject heading “LIVE EPISODE”. If you know you will be available, provide me with your Skype name.
  4. BRACE YOURSELF and await instruction.
  5. We will be accepting callers on a first-come, first-serve basis. There might be four of you, there might be four hundred (probably not)! We’re going to cap it at a reasonable number, so don’t wait to e-mail me! Also, if you’ve already been on the show, be advised we will be giving priority to those who have never made a CommanderCast appearance (though prior guests will be more than welcome to join the host panel).
Shows notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.



01:00 to 05:16: Intro: We provide introductions. What a thrilling concept.

05:24 to 24:51Community: Deck Suitcase: How many decks should you bring to the table? What are the advantages and disadvantages to bringing dozens of decks for a night of gaming? How many decks is too many? From the guy with only one deck, to the guy with the literal deck suitcase and everything inbetween, we’re looking at the impact of multiple deck ownership and the messages it can send, impact it can have, and our thoughts on this stuff.25:04 to 25:43Community: Deckbuilding Challenge: Brace yourself. The Blood Witch is coming and she is going to plant one of those points on her ridiculous hat firmly up your God damn eye socket.

25:26 to 40:02: Strategy: Keywords: A quick discussion on the impact of keywords we love and hate on strategy. From exotics like Horsemanship to the fundamentals like Flying, how to keywords impact your strategy?

40:12 to 1:03:51: Strategy: Balancing vs Bandwagoning: In multiplayer, somebody is always winning. How do you respond when it isn’t you? Do you jump on their bandwagon to help them motor along and eventually STAB THEM IN THE SPINE WITH A RUSTED SPORK, or do you and the other ragtag losers at the table form a Rebel Alliance to take down the proverbial Death Star? What’s this whole Kingmaking affair you hear people bitching about? In this segment we look at the shifting dynamics of domination in a multiplayer game.

1:04:06 to 1:25:32: Technology: Secret Tech: Muse Vessel Edition: Each Muse has three cards to share.
Brandon’s Picks: Dawnglare Invoker, Phantom CentuarButcher Orgg
Daryll’s Picks: Wail of the Nim, Invulnerability, Balthor the Defiled
Bruce’s Picks: Dream Fighter, Phyrexian Splicer, Spoils of Evil1:25:45 to closing: Outtro.
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