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Here at CommanderCast, when I do something up, I prefer that it’s done up rightwise. Given the rightwiseness of this season, I can only hope this season finale is an appropriately explosive way to cap the thirteen-week experience. Joining me for this podcast I have my main man Carlos backing me up, accompanied by Jeremiah (my most bitter internet friend) and Byron, a CommanderCast OG. Together, the four of us form a biblical podcasting beast that roams the audio countryside, smashing thatched-roof cottages and axe kicking would-be champions attempting to best us.

It seems like just yesterday I started CommanderCast with nothing but a free weekend, some boredom, and a couple of PMs on a message board… well, not really, this is a lot of work to maintain! I am looking forward to getting to play Brink until my eyes bleed (PM me on XBL if you want to play, my GT is GHoooSTS)! Anyway, as always, all I can do is come through and show love to my whole team. Carlos, Randy, Donovan, Jeremiah, Byron, Matt, and Adam are all huge parts of the reason CommanderCast is the quality product I’m proud to produce today. I get a lot of e-mails, but if you really like this podcast, please take the time to contact one or two of these guys, especially, if you’ve liked things they have said or done in the past and let them know.
If you wanted to know what happened with our Season 2 contest, be sure to check out the CIRCLE OF JUDGMENT. We run down our favorite entries and decide the winner. Be advised that there were some technical problems (the beginning is cut off and Donovan sounds like a drunken robot for some reason). Hopefully you can enjoy it regardless.
Anyway, that’s it for Season 2. I’ll be back in a few weeks with more of this hot fire, should you be so inclined to check back. The period between seasons is the ideal time for us to incorporate new ideas and such into the show; check out our Listener Interaction page for some ideas on that front. If you’re really fiending for some CommanderCast action, then hit up the updated Content Index to see some of our older works, which can hopefully tide you over until our return.
Show notes and links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 07:57: EPIC Intro: Meet your hosts and get a preview of what’s to come in Season 3.

08:03 to 19:23: Free-For-All Roundtable: Proxies: Some people don’t like proxies, while others are known for their ability to write “Mox Jet” on a Pearled Unicorn with a marker and not think twice. So what’s with proxies in Commander? As a fun, casual format, should they matter at all? Why use proxies in the first place?

19:35 to 39:43: Community: The Future of Commander: Commander’s explosive growth, new set due in June, and potential consideration in set design obviously has implications for the future of the format… but what are they? And are these good or bad? A multifaceted topic, we cover this one from a variety of angles.

39:57 to 42:41: Contest Winner Announcement: The contest is over. The dust has settled. We have a winner. Check out the Circle of Judgment for the full process on deciding our victor, but we have one man whose tech rose above the others… Judson, with his “Tapped” trifecta of Secret Tech! Congratulations to Judson, who will be receiving a sexified full-art Rhys, the Redeemed courtesy of Derfington!


Jusdon’s “Tapped” Trio:

42:54 to 58:44: Strategy: Punishing Greed: Lately Carlos has been talking a lot about ‘greedy’ deckbuilding, and how to deal with it. We’re rolled this into a convenient conversational package for you to digest. How much greed is to much (is there is such a thing)? How can one deal with incredibly greedy decks that are running wild in your metagame? Maybe it’s time to consider getting a bit greedy yourself…

58:54 to 1:21:35: Archetype Rundown: Aggro: Generally looked down upon as the least viable archetype in EDH, this week we’re giving a primer on running an Aggro deck well in Commander. From construction to target prioritization to gloating after the game, this is a quick look with some tips and strategies that should help make turning your guys sideways more painful for your opponents.

1:21:50 to 1:34:34: Technology: Bad Cards We Love 2: Back in S2E9, we did Bad Cards We Love. Now it’s back with some fresh faces on deck reveling in their card selection failures.

Carlos’ Picks: Prismatic Lace, Obstinate Familiar
Jeremiah’s Picks: Bottle Gnomes, Puca’s Mischief

Byron’s Picks: Web of Inertia, Blizzard Specter

1:34:46 to 1:47:37: Entourage: Chorus of the Conclave: Our past Entourage segments have been reasonably successful, including the birth of the Ib Halfheart Nation. Somebody out there probably built a Chisei deck, too, though I can’t confirm this. For our next attempt, we’re going off the most-requested ‘bad’ general e-mailed to me, the Chorus of the Conclave.

Assumed Gimmies: Mana Reflection, Mirari’s Wake, Doubling Season
Jeremiah’s Picks: Spine Biter, Forgotten Ancient
Andy’s Picks: Helix Pinnacle, Hurricane
Carlos’ Picks: Etched Oracle, Phantom Nishoba
Byron’s Picks: Fertilid, Spike Weaver

1:47:51 to closing: Outtro.
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